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The New Irish Art Project completed 16 years of online service on March 28th, 2016

Champ,Acrylic painting,16 x 19 inch
'Champ' | Acrylic painting, 16 x 19 inch | Rachelle O'Regan
Two labs,Acrylic painting,17 x 21 inch
'Two labs' | Acrylic painting, 17 x 21 inch | Rachelle O'Regan

Rachelle O'Regan

My background is in Illustration and design. My speciality is in pet portraiture, combining my passion for painting and my love for animals....
Out of The Blue,Oil on Canvas,61 x 46 cms
'Out of The Blue' | Oil on Canvas, 61 x 46 cms | Marianne McGuire
Portal Into The Now,Oil on Canvas,90 x 60 cms
'Portal Into The Now' | Oil on Canvas, 90 x 60 cms | Marianne McGuire

Marianne McGuire

I want to impart a feeling that goes beyond language. I want to share what I have experienced in deep meditation so that the silent observer in you... your spir...
HARLEY,Acrylic on canvas,60 x 50 cms
'HARLEY' | Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50 cms | Sylvia Parkinson Brown
THE CHASE,Mixed media on canvas,100 x 80 cms
'THE CHASE' | Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 80 cms | Sylvia Parkinson Brown

Sylvia Parkinson Brown

Although my formal training was in sculpture, in recent years I have devoted my time to painting and drawing. Animals have always featuredin my work and my stu...
Under The Beech Tree,Oil on Canvas,16 x 20 ins
'Under The Beech Tree' | Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20 ins | Margaret McGonigle
Autumn Trees in The Sunset,Oil on Canvas,20 x 16 ins
'Autumn Trees in The Sunset' | Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16 ins | Margaret McGonigle

Margaret McGonigle

from my teenage years I developed a keen interest in art, and then painting. Accepted into ArtCollege at the age of 17, I decided instead to train as a teacher,...
Natasha Is Flying On A Pig, The Master and Margarita by N.Bulgakov,Dry pastel and acrilycs,20 x 16 ins
'Natasha Is Flying On A Pig, The Master and Margarita by N.Bulgakov' | Dry pastel and acrilycs, 20 x 16 ins | Olga Rozhdestvina
Martyn Jacques, The Tiger Lillies,Acrilycs,20 x 16 ins
'Martyn Jacques, The Tiger Lillies' | Acrilycs, 20 x 16 ins | Olga Rozhdestvina

Olga Rozhdestvina

After moving to Dublin Olga discovered for herself new ways of reflecting her fascination with literature and cinematography by means of inks and acrylics, past...
Starry Night, Gobbins, Islandmagee,Watercolour,17 x 17 cm
'Starry Night, Gobbins, Islandmagee' | Watercolour, 17 x 17 cm | Audrey Kyle
Autumn Border,Watercolour,17 x 17 cm
'Autumn Border' | Watercolour, 17 x 17 cm | Audrey Kyle

Audrey Kyle

enjoys expressing herself through the use of vibrant colour and works in a loose style, letting the paint make its mark. Audrey was accepted as a full member of...
Give Me Some Lovin, With The World In Mind,Oil on canvas.,600 x 450 mm
'Give Me Some Lovin, With The World In Mind' | Oil on canvas., 600 x 450 mm | Michael Egan
If Only This Old House Could Talk,Oil on canvas,600 x 510 mm
'If Only This Old House Could Talk' | Oil on canvas, 600 x 510 mm | Michael Egan

Michael Egan

Some of my oil paintings are very heavily layered with paint up to 12 mm thick; this perspective to me gives a painting a much more interesting 3D dimension. I ...
Passing Fancy,Ink and Watercolour,33 x 37 cm
'Passing Fancy' | Ink and Watercolour, 33 x 37 cm | Carmel Travers
The Ride,Oil on Canvas,80 x 80 cm
'The Ride' | Oil on Canvas, 80 x 80 cm | Carmel Travers

Carmel Travers

Inspired by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Henri Rousseau and Aubrey Beardsley and with a passion for art nouveau Carmel produces vibrant, colourful pieces in...
Cobh Fiddler,Oil,25 x 30 cm
'Cobh Fiddler' | Oil, 25 x 30 cm | Joe Butler
Just Looking,Oil,25 x 30 cm
'Just Looking' | Oil, 25 x 30 cm | Joe Butler

Joe Butler

I took up the study of art full time, firstly at Colaiste Stiofan Naofa in Cork, and then at the Crawford College of Art, graduating with an Honours Degree in F...
'MAGMA' | ACRYLIC, 30 x 40 Ins | Adrian Wright
'PATHWAYS' | ACRYLIC, 30 X 40 Ins | Adrian Wright

Adrian Wright

These paintings give me the opportunity to express pure creativity and allow me to just paint what comes into my mind. Chaotic they may look sometimes but there...
Another Wet Day,Acrylic on paper,16 x 12 inch
'Another Wet Day' | Acrylic on paper, 16 x 12 inch | Patrick McGovern
Docked,Acrylic on paper,16 x 12 inch
'Docked' | Acrylic on paper, 16 x 12 inch | Patrick McGovern

Patrick McGovern

This series of paintings is entitled Ireland in History 1916-1922 and is inspired by the people and places of Ireland during this period through the cityscapes ...
Stags In The West,acrylic,20 x 16 ins
'Stags In The West' | acrylic, 20 x 16 ins | Cathal O'Malley
Ballinahinch Walk,acrylic,20 x 16 ins
'Ballinahinch Walk' | acrylic, 20 x 16 ins | Cathal O'Malley

Cathal O'Malley

I am a self taught artist living in the West of Ireland painting the landscape I love. My work is bought by customers all over the world. Landscapes o...
Common Tern,pastel,10 x 12 ins
'Common Tern' | pastel, 10 x 12 ins | Gemma Best
Great Tit In Snow,pastel,10 x 15 ins
'Great Tit In Snow' | pastel, 10 x 15 ins | Gemma Best

Gemma Best

My work uses graphite pencil with the occasional hint of selected colour. Preferred subject matter is nature and wildlife studies often with a slight twist. I t...
This Land In Red,Oil on canvas,76 x 76 cm
'This Land In Red' | Oil on canvas, 76 x 76 cm | Martina Furlong
A Scene In Blue, Feb 2016,Acrylic on canvas,40 x 40 cm
'A Scene In Blue, Feb 2016' | Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 40 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...
Catch of the Day I,Mixed media,32 x 24 cm
'Catch of the Day I' | Mixed media, 32 x 24 cm | Caroline Evans
Lost in Thought,Acrylic on canvas,35.5 x 25.5 cm
'Lost in Thought' | Acrylic on canvas, 35.5 x 25.5 cm | Caroline Evans

Caroline Evans

I'm currently drawn to Irish mythology, mermaids and wolves and while I expect to be increasing my portfolio in these subjects, am happy to take on commissions ...

Art Exhibitions, Events

The Gallery, Listoke Ballymakenny Road, Drogheda, Co Louth

Exhibition of Drawings and Sketches

The Countess Markievicz

from Monday, April 4th - Saturday May 28th, 2016

The Bernard Shaw Pub 11-12 South Richmond St, Dublin 2

'Freedom Exhibition'

signed prints from over 40 artists

Friday, April 22nd - May 6th, 2016

The Connacht Tribune Printworks 15, Market Street, Galway

Galway 1916 Exhibition

Noel Molloy

from March 23rd, 2016