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Poppy Profusion,Oil on Canvas,20 x 30 ins Poolnabrone Dolmen,Oil on Canvas,20 x 16 ins The Pigeon House,Oil on Canvas,14 x 10 ins Secret Gems of Clonegal,Oil on Canvas,16 x 12 ins

Art, Dublin artist, Donna McGee The Irish landscape is my constant source of inspiration. I aim to capture the essence of this timeless beauty, both in traditional and abstract form and invite others to see the world through my eyes.

Light and Shade on Lake Coumshingaun,Acrylic on canvas,40 x 30 cm View from the Old Bridge Carrick on Suir,acrylic on canvas,25 x 30 cm The Red Hen,acrylic on canvas,25 x 30 cm The Old Bridge Carrick on Suir,acrylic on cavas,50 x 40 cm

Art, Clare and Tipperary artist, Alan Wells Today I work mostly in acrylics on canvas painting local views, landmarks, animal and human portraits. I also do some illustration work and I paint interior murals.

Eyes Inward,oil and cold wax on wooden panel,80 x 80 cm Grand Canal 1,oil and cold wax on wooden panel,70 x 50 cm Curve,oil and cold wax on 2 wooden panels,100 x 70 cm Flame,oil and cold wax on canvas,80 x 80 cm

Art, Donegal artist, Liz Doyle Painter and printmaker, Lives on Cruit Island in County Donegal with her husband, children's author, Malachy Doyle and a menagerie including 3 ducks, ...

Slievenamon walk,Oil on Canvas,10 x 12 ins Slievenamon Ascent,Oil on Canvas,10 x 12 ins Nire Valley Walk,Oil on Canvas,12 x 12 ins Sails on Misty East Coast,Oil on Canvas,12 x 12 ins

Art, Tipperary artist, Ann Brennan I am a self taught artist working from my home based studio in Ballingarry. Co. Tipperary. I have been painting for a number of years but only took i

Rogue Lily,Mixed media on linen canvas,40 x 40 cm Leaf II,Mixed media,12 x 10 cm Flow II,Mixed media,32 x 22 cm Letters in the sand,Mixed media,30 x 10 cm

Art, Dublin artist, Eileen Keelan I love the elements, textures and colours that make up my surroundings and it is what uplifts and motivates me to capture its essence in both representational and abstract form.

Outdoors Evenings (2014),Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7,140 x 226 cm Couples (2014),Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7,140 x 226 cm Kiss,Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7,40 x 50 cm Days at the beach (2014),Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7,140 x 226 cm

Art, Italy and Dublin artist, Mario Sughi Mario Sughi is an artist and illustrator from Italy who combines subtle humorous elements with a consistent loose artistic style reminiscent of the En

Where We Are From,Acrylics,80 x 100 cm Somewhere Along The Inca Trail,Acrylics,60 x 60 cm Machu Picchu,Acrylics,80 x 100 cm Hookers and Wrecks,Acrylics,16 x 20 ins

Art, Derry artist, Carl Taylor Carl Taylor is a contemporary painter from Derry, N. Ireland. He has recently completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Art. His most recent wor

Father Ted and Friends,Watercolour on lineboard,11 x 14 ins Phil Lynott,Watercolour on lineboard,11 x 14 ins Rory Gallagher,Watercolour on lineboard,11 x 14 ins U2,Watercolour on lineboard,11 x 14 ins

Art, Dublin artist, Pervaneh Matthews Specialises in watercolour monochrome portraits on lineboard, using the colour sepia. She exhibits regularly at the Peoples Art exhibition, Stephens Green, Dublin


Art, Belfast artist, Connor Maguire I would watch my Grandfather sketch and draw out ideas for projects as well as for the mere pleasure of drawing. Inspired and captivated seeing what he could accomplish with a pencil and a paintbrush I too attempted to paint as good as he did and believe I'm still trying'. 'Over the next year I am hoping to concentrate a lot more on portraiture and introducing more figures into the paintings with a more realistic finish.

Hay!,Pencil,na Precious,Pencil,na La Parisienne,Pencil,na Bittersweet,Pencil,na

Art, Westmeath and France artist, Bob Fox Originally from Athlone, I have been living in France, just outside Paris, for the last few years, I work in oils and water colours. I'm inspired by m

Ballerina Before the Performance,Oil and Acrylic on Board,14 x24 inches Away from the Crowd,Acrylic on Board,28 x 24 inches All Set to Go,Acrylic on Baord,24 x 24 inches Before Meeting Again,Acrylic on Board,24 x 30 inches

Art, Leitrim artist, Brigid Birney I am inspired constantly by the various seasons and the resulting changes on the landscape and all it contains, from the beauty of the coast, to the vibrant colours during mid summ

Back Streets Crumbling Beneath October Skies, the Streets of Family Ties 9,Oil and acrylic on linen canvas,10 x 12 ins Window View, Crockinacarragh Clachan, Fairhead, Ballycastle, County Antrim,Oil and Acrylic on canvas,8 x 8 ins Barn on the Carnduff Road, Larne, County Antrim,Oil and acrylic on linen Canvas,10 x 12 ins Red Barn Door, Carnduff Townland, Larne, County Antrim,Oil and acrylic on Canvas,8 x 8 ins

Art, Belfast artist, Laura Butler I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in

Focused,Graphite,12 x 15 cms Untitled as yet,Graphite,15 x 21 cms Old Friends,Graphite,32 x 16 cms Harbour Steps,Graphite,10 x 18 cms

Art, Antrim artist, Derek McAfee I have become interested in detail and texture recently and try to concentrate on what people may look at but don't see.

Off to Sea,Oils,12 x 10 ins Kilmuckridge,Oils,20 x 14 ins Pigeon House,Acrylic,10 x 8 ins St Anne's Clocktower,Oils,12 x 10 ins

Art, Wexford and Dublin artist, Les Duffy His kids heard he loved it at school and how in his fifties it would be a good de-stress, so for Christmas he got oils and canvas. The first painting took hours but past like minutes and the hook was firmly embedded.

Forest in Bloom,Oil on board,20 x 16 ins Lake on a Winter Morning,Oil on board,20 x 16 ins Forgotten Red Balloon,Oil on canvas,28 x 20 ins Solitude,Oil on board,20 x 16 ins

Art, Dublin artist, Sabina Iancu Although complete self thought, I am very, very happy with the progress I've made and I am looking forward to improve my technique and expand my horizons. So far my work has been mostly landscapes, I intend however to develop my portrait skills too. My favourite medium is oil.

Galway Houses,Oils on Canvas,20 x 50 cms Giants Causeway Northern Ireland,Acrylic On Canvas,30 x 38 cms Gondola Venice,Acrylic on Canvas,20 x 25cms Santorini Greece,Acrylics,15 x 20 cms

Art, India and Dublin artist, Deepa Bhamidipati I am a self taught artist and my paintings reflect all things which I see in nature be it flowers, waterfall, trees or any manmade wonders across the world. Basically which brings the joy seeing the wonderful world around me and oh to be alive!!

Silver Linings,Acrylics on canvas,40 x 40 cm Blue Gem of The Forest,Acrylic on canvas,50 x 60 cm Young Willow,Acrylic on canvas,na The Changing of The Seasons Spring,Acrylic on canvas,25 x 30 cm

Art, Holland and Armagh artist, Aileen Vermeulen I studied 3D Product Design with the mediums of ceramics and glass at the University of central England in Birmingham. Even though I enjoyed learning to express myself with the use different art mediums, I always came back to painting.

Little Owl,Graphite Pencils on Bristol Board,16 x 12 ins Raffki,Graphite Pencils on Bristol board,24 x 24 cm Chita,Graphite Pencils on Bristol board,26 x 30.5 cm Fitz,Graphite Pencils on Bristol Board,40.5 x 30.5 cm

Art, Antrim artist, Paul McCourt I really took to producing drawings full time in February 2013 not long after I was diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson's Disease. I was encouraged to show my drawings by my now mentor Shauna McCann who is a Belfast based Ceramicist and works from her studio in Belfast's Conway Mill

lndepth,acrylic on board,45 x 56 cm No Without a Reason,acrylic on canvas,30 x 30 cm Born to Be High,mixed media on canvas,67 x 85 cm Fertile,marker pen on paper,53 x 166 cm

Art, Armagh artist, Chris Dummigan Being creative is what I've been doing from primary school, it's in my nature. Learning something new each time I start a new piece, thats why I dont subject myself to one medium, I change as I go along. Feeling the need to evolve.

Space Mountain,oils,24 x 20 ins Mermaid Sisters,oils,16 x 12 ins Puffin,10 x 12 ins,na Secret Cove,Oils,24 x 16 ins

Art, Canada and Cork artist, Sandra Clark I moved to Ireland after meeting my partner. It was here in this majestic and rugged country with it's magical scenery and warm, welcoming people, tha

Moo,Oil,10 x 12 ins Kerry Cottages,Oil,10 X 12 ins Paudies Cows,Acrylic,10 x 12 ins Botanical Gardens,Acrylic,36 x 24 ins

Art, Kilkenny artist, Susan Keohane Susan has a Biochemistry degree and a PGCE for Biology and Science teaching, her love of Science and Natural History is evident in her paintings. Susan has exhibited in Kilkenny Arts week, Wexford Arts festival and Pictures in the Priory.

mad hatters tea party,wire framework, clay, material, powerterx,length 45.5cm width 30.5cm height 38.5cm harpy,wire framework, clay, material, powerterx,length 38cm width 30cm height 42.5cm warrior,wire framework, clay, material, powerterx,length 40cm width 30cm height 40cm Don Quixote reading,wire framework, clay, material, powerterx,length 34cm width 34cm height 68cm

Art, Kildare artist, Michael Haggertay By using different materials coupled with creative thinking we produce art pieces which include floor piece and wall hanging. Each piece is individually crafted as a one off sculpture. We mainly produce sculptures using various materials including clay and powertex on wire a framework.

Descent to Annascoul,Oil on board,45 x 35 cm Glenmacnass River towards Barnacullion Ridge,Oil on Canvas,40 x 50 cm Ashley Falls,Oil on board,25 x 35 cm Road to Applecross,Oil on Canvas,50 x 40 cm

Art, Dublin artist, Paula Fee A self taught artist, part of a group of four artists who meet once a week. Most of my paintings are based on real locations.

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Art Exhibition News

Ann McKenna exhibits paintings and Noel Molloy's sculptural wall reliefs

An Gailearai Gweedore, County Donegal
Liz Doyle with Caitlin Ni Gallachoir
September 19th until end of October

Galerie Lauth Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
nerosunero (Mario Sughi)
10 October – 1 November 2014

Ballyroan Library Rathfarnham, Dublin
Shades of Diversity – Solo Exhibition
Donna McGee
8th October thru to 29th October

St. John's Parish Hall Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 6SX
Off The Wall – Christmas Arts and Crafts
Various Artists, Crafters
Friday December 5th (1100 to 2045 and Saturday December 6th (1100 2000)

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