New Irish Art   February, 2015

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Pope John XXIII (The Good John), Tim Harrington
Art. "Pope John XXIII (The Good John)", Artist. Tim Harrington
Cork Hurling Champions, Tim Harrington
Art. "Cork Hurling Champions", Artist. Tim Harrington
Finding the Cat, Tim Harrington
Art. "Finding the Cat", Artist. Tim Harrington

Tim Harrington, Irish artist

My philosophy toward my painting comes from the book Art and Fear by David Bayles and Ted Orland. I return to the Beara peninsula for part of each year as my fa...
Fresh Mackerel, Gillian Murphy
Art. "Fresh Mackerel", Artist. Gillian Murphy
Burren Light, Gillian Murphy
Art. "Burren Light", Artist. Gillian Murphy
Burren Light 1, Gillian Murphy
Art. "Burren Light 1", Artist. Gillian Murphy

Gillian Murphy, Irish artist

Her current works which is a mixture of semi figurative and abstract compositions is strongly influenced by the Irish landscape. Through an ethereal combination...
No Ordinary Day, Miriam Smithers
Art. "No Ordinary Day", Artist. Miriam Smithers
Who's That Girl, Miriam Smithers
Art. "Who's That Girl", Artist. Miriam Smithers
Theatre Night, Miriam Smithers
Art. "Theatre Night", Artist. Miriam Smithers

Miriam Smithers, Irish artist

The paint is applied in a thick impasto style with a palette knife in quick bold strokes, not worrying too much about covering every part of the canvas fully an...
Cornucopia, Emma Campbell
Art. "Cornucopia", Artist. Emma Campbell
The Butterfly Effect, Emma Campbell
Art. "The Butterfly Effect", Artist. Emma Campbell
Aurora, Emma Campbell
Art. "Aurora", Artist. Emma Campbell

Emma Campbell, Irish artist

Inspiration is taken on board from many things, for example, the natural colour and beauty that nature provides, whether it is on our own back door, or a passin...
Falling Sky, Katarzyna Wolak
Art. "Falling Sky", Artist. Katarzyna Wolak
Lavender, Katarzyna Wolak
Art. "Lavender", Artist. Katarzyna Wolak
Perfect view, Katarzyna Wolak
Art. "Perfect view", Artist. Katarzyna Wolak

Katarzyna Wolak, Polish artist

I love draw, paint and express myself in any possible way. I'm not afraid to experiment and try new techniques. At the moment I am working on new project using ...
Pink Tulip Blue Tuesday, Sofia Bury
Art. "Pink Tulip Blue Tuesday", Artist. Sofia Bury
Meet me on the Other side, Sofia Bury
Art. "Meet me on the Other side", Artist. Sofia Bury

Sofia Bury, Irish artist

I am an abstract artist and have been painting for 30 years. I studied evening classes at NCAD and in Dun Laoghaire Art School. I have also studied un...
Fern Flower, Tanya Bond
Art. "Fern Flower", Artist. Tanya Bond
Eighty Eight, Tanya Bond
Art. "Eighty Eight", Artist. Tanya Bond
Dulity, Tanya Bond
Art. "Dulity", Artist. Tanya Bond

Tanya Bond, Irish artist

I'm a self-taught artist working in beautiful Irish Midlands (Offaly and Tipperary). I love exploring new media and my most common subject is emotive portraitur...
Hare at Dawn, Deirdre McAvinchey
Art. "Hare at Dawn", Artist. Deirdre McAvinchey
Elaine's Table, Deirdre McAvinchey
Art. "Elaine's Table", Artist. Deirdre McAvinchey
Litirgungaid Bog, Deirdre McAvinchey
Art. "Litirgungaid Bog", Artist. Deirdre McAvinchey
The world of empty chairs Bath, Zane Sutra
Art. "The world of empty chairs Bath", Artist. Zane Sutra
The world of empty chairs The good room, Zane Sutra
Art. "The world of empty chairs The good room", Artist. Zane Sutra
The world of empty chairs Morning, Zane Sutra
Art. "The world of empty chairs Morning", Artist. Zane Sutra

Zane Sutra, Irish artist

Every painting has its philosophically stylized story and works as an illustration for something that actually happened in life; happiness, lonelines...
Abandoned, Carol Wood
Art. "Abandoned", Artist. Carol Wood
Stairs of Deception, Carol Wood
Art. "Stairs of Deception", Artist. Carol Wood
Evening Glow, Carol Wood
Art. "Evening Glow", Artist. Carol Wood
Water Beauty, Diana Marshall
Art. "Water Beauty", Artist. Diana Marshall
Lazy Afternoon, Diana Marshall
Art. "Lazy Afternoon", Artist. Diana Marshall
A Swim By, Diana Marshall
Art. "A Swim By", Artist. Diana Marshall

Diana Marshall, English artist

A selection of still life paintings in the style of contemporary realism, all paintings sold framed in white box frames with glass....
Cracks Lady Farmhouse in Sunlight and Snow Cultra County Down, Laura Butler
Art. "Cracks Lady Farmhouse in Sunlight and Snow Cultra County Down", Artist. Laura Butler
A Dream of Kearney from the Shore Ards Peninsula County Down, Laura Butler
Art. "A Dream of Kearney from the Shore Ards Peninsula County Down", Artist. Laura Butler
Deserted Cottage at Ballytober Townland Islandmagee County Antrim, Laura Butler
Art. "Deserted Cottage at Ballytober Townland Islandmagee County Antrim", Artist. Laura Butler

Laura Butler, Irish artist

I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in...
O'Connell Bridge, Alan Somers
Art. "O'Connell Bridge", Artist. Alan Somers
At The Races, Alan Somers
Art. "At The Races", Artist. Alan Somers
O'Connell Street, Alan Somers
Art. "O'Connell Street", Artist. Alan Somers

Alan Somers, Irish artist

Although I enjoy different subject matter my favourite is Landscape and Cityscapes, perhaps it is the architecture or the way light plays with streets and build...
THE BATHERS, Patrick J. Murphy
Art. "THE BATHERS", Artist. Patrick J. Murphy
ABSTRACT 456, Patrick J. Murphy
Art. "ABSTRACT 456", Artist. Patrick J. Murphy
THE SWANS, Patrick J. Murphy
Art. "THE SWANS", Artist. Patrick J. Murphy

Patrick J. Murphy, Irish artist

Patrick J. Murphy, was born, lives and creates in Belfast and has painted and exhibited for over 15 years. He studied Art and Art History at Belfast Institute o...
Volcano Spirit, Aia Leu
Art. "Volcano Spirit", Artist. Aia Leu
Origination, Aia Leu
Art. "Origination", Artist. Aia Leu
Stonework Spirit, Aia Leu
Art. "Stonework Spirit", Artist. Aia Leu

Aia Leu, Swiss artist

Aia Leu's paintings are a journey into her idea of the connected surrealism of our history, be it fauna, flora, chemistry, geology or the galaxy....
The Solemn Hymn Of Autumn, Maria Noonan-McDermott
Art. "The Solemn Hymn Of Autumn", Artist. Maria Noonan-McDermott
The Lily Pond, Maria Noonan-McDermott
Art. "The Lily Pond", Artist. Maria Noonan-McDermott
Sweet Slumber, Maria Noonan-McDermott
Art. "Sweet Slumber", Artist. Maria Noonan-McDermott

Maria Noonan-McDermott, Irish artist

I've always been in awe of the storyteller, those gifted people who so fluidly guide you into their fantasy worlds, who submerge you so deeply, you cr...
Still Life, Brian Byrnes
Art. "Still Life", Artist. Brian Byrnes
Still Life, Brian Byrnes
Art. "Still Life", Artist. Brian Byrnes
Still Life with Figs, Brian Byrnes
Art. "Still Life with Figs", Artist. Brian Byrnes

Brian Byrnes, Irish artist

My speciality is in subject matter are the beautiful works of art that are the classic metre yachts around the world, each with its own history of prices and tr...
Sleeping Beauty, Kathy Ross
Art. "Sleeping Beauty", Artist. Kathy Ross
Huntsman, Kathy Ross
Art. "Huntsman", Artist. Kathy Ross
Brendan Gleeson, Kathy Ross
Art. "Brendan Gleeson", Artist. Kathy Ross

Kathy Ross, Irish artist

Kathy works by layering ink, watercolor and pencil. Her work is inspired by beauty both real and imagined. Her upcoming show is based on ideas of Fairy tales an...

Irish Art Exhibitions, Events

Aras na MacLein N.U.I Galway

Art Exhibition - 'Catching Dreams'

Kathy Ross

February 9th - March 6th, 2015 (Feb 10th 6pm Opening by Patricia Forde)

The Helix DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin

Art Exhibition

Bella Morgan

From 4th February 2015 to 14th March

Arts and Culture Centre McAuley Place, Naas, Co.Kildare

Solo Exhibition- "Artists in the Lobby"

Vera Lysaght

5th March - 19th March, 2015

The Solas Art Gallery Ballinamore, Co.Leitrim

Joint Art Exhibition

Maria Noonan-McDermott and Frances Crowe

Opening Friday 13th March at 7.30pm to 4th April.