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'Daddy' | Acrylic on canvas, 14 x10 inches | Marta O'Leary
 'With Woman'
'With Woman' | Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 10 inches | Marta O'Leary

Marta O'Leary

Marta does not believe that as an artist she is required to limit herself to one particular form or subject. She perceives art as the extension of human soul wh...
 'Rusty panel (canal, Dublin)'
'Rusty panel (canal, Dublin)' | Oil on canvas, 92 x 65 cm | Rodolphe Core
 'Look for the panel'
'Look for the panel' | Look for the panel, 36 x 36 cm framed | Rodolphe Core

Rodolphe Core

The paintings which are presented here are a part of a series of paintings that have a panel theme. The information on them is erased and something else is appe...
 'Autumn Equinox'
'Autumn Equinox' | Oils on canvas, na | Catherine McGagh
 'Winter Solstice'
'Winter Solstice' | Oils on canvas, na | Catherine McGagh

Catherine McGagh

Donegal-born Catherine McGagh has been living in Drogheda, the town which is the gateway to the Boyne Valley,for the last 15 years. She has been pain...
 'Maguire's October'
'Maguire's October' | egg tempera, 61 x 86 cm | Fergus Ryan
'Antipode' | charcoal and sanguine, 47 x 35 cm | Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan

The artist spent the summer of 2013 in a masterclass in Italy with the noted Israeli painter Israel Hershberg, following the Italian footsteps of Corot and the ...
 'Outdoors Evenings (2014)'
'Outdoors Evenings (2014)' | Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7, 140 x 226 cm | Mario Sughi
 'Couples (2014)'
'Couples (2014)' | Archival pigment prints Ed. of 7, 140 x 226 cm | Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an artist and illustrator from Italy who combines subtle humorous elements with a consistent loose artistic style reminiscent of the En...
'Speechless' | oil on linen, 36 x 27 inches | Conor Walton
 'Self-Portrait in Armour'
'Self-Portrait in Armour' | oil on linen, 30 x 20 inches | Conor Walton

Conor Walton

Born in Dublin in 1970, Conor Walton studied painting at NCAD, winning the Taylor Prize in 1993, the year of his graduation. After further studies in...
 'High Tide, Blackrock'
'High Tide, Blackrock' | Oil on Canvas, 60.5 x 45.5 cm. | Patricia Kavanagh
 'Crashing Waves, Furbo'
'Crashing Waves, Furbo' | Oil on Canvas, 51 x 41 cm. | Patricia Kavanagh

Patricia Kavanagh

Patricia Kavanagh is a landscape artist, painting nature in her own naturalistic style using oils as her preferred medium. Growing up on the shores of...
 'Many Reflections, oil on canvas'
'Many Reflections, oil on canvas' | framed, 40 x 80 cm | Diana Marshall
 'Eggs and Roses, oil on panel'
'Eggs and Roses, oil on panel' | framed, 18 x 36 cm | Diana Marshall

Diana Marshall

A selection of still life paintings in the style of contemporary realism, all paintings sold framed in white box frames with glass....
 'Making Memories'
'Making Memories' | oil on panel, 10 x 12 ins | Annemarie Bourke
 'Perpetual Motion'
'Perpetual Motion' | Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60 ins | Annemarie Bourke

Annemarie Bourke

Landscapes, still life, flowers, figures,seascapes, to me it doesn't matter what the subject is, it is all about the light. I spend a lot of time painting en-p...
 '1 Langdale Lane, Islandmagee, County Antrim'
'1 Langdale Lane, Islandmagee, County Antrim' | Oil and acrylic on canvas, 8 x 8 inches | Laura Butler
 '2 Langdale Lane, Islandmagee, County Antrim'
'2 Langdale Lane, Islandmagee, County Antrim' | Oil and acrylic on canvas, 8 x 8 inches | Laura Butler

Laura Butler

I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in...
 'In My Sights'
'In My Sights' | Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 60 ins | Patrick Brennan
 'Political Black Hole'
'Political Black Hole' | Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Patrick Brennan

Patrick Brennan

I am an artist from Derry N. Ireland, who cannot stick to one style of painting. I feel that paintings should be spontaneous. Paint first reason later...
 'Moonlight Forest'
'Moonlight Forest' | Oils on Canvas, 20 x 16 inches | Clive Hughes
 'The Poitin Maker'
'The Poitin Maker' | Mixed Media, 16 x 12 inches | Clive Hughes

Clive Hughes

Clive has been painting for forty years, his paintings are in many collections world wide. Clive also welcomes Commissions. Irish Landscapes, Heritage, and Hist...
 'Lotus Eater III'
'Lotus Eater III' | oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms | Rae Perry
 'Lotus Eater II'
'Lotus Eater II' | oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms | Rae Perry

Rae Perry

Figurative work including portraits and nudes. Still life. I spent two years in Florence, Italy where I completed the drawing program at the Angel A...
 'Harvest Time'
'Harvest Time' | Graphite, 38 x 48 cms | Bob Fox
 'In The Zone'
'In The Zone' | Graphite, 25 x 32 cms | Bob Fox

Bob Fox

Originally from Athlone, I have been living in France, just outside Paris, for the last few years, I work in oils and water colours. I'm inspired by m...
'Elisa' | Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 80 x 4 cm | Jaanika Talts
'Splash' | Acrylic on canvas, 70 x 50 cm | Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts

I'm not able to put it into words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. We all use the power of colours daily, often unconsciously. For me, colours b...
'Headland' | oil on canvas, 122 x 90 cms. | George H Smyth
 'Set the Night on Fire'
'Set the Night on Fire' | oil on canvas, 90 x 90 cms. | George H Smyth

George H Smyth

George H. Smyth was born in Ardglass, Co. Down in 1968. His father was a talented water-colourist and encouraged him to draw and paint for an early ag...
 'Dublin City Street Scene'
'Dublin City Street Scene' | oil on canvas, 24 x 31 ins | Alan Somers
 'Samuel Beckett'
'Samuel Beckett' | oil on canvas, 36 x 28 ins | Alan Somers

Alan Somers

Although I enjoy different subject matter my favourite is Landscape and Cityscapes, perhaps it is the architecture or the way light plays with streets and build...
 'Boithrin, Inisheer'
'Boithrin, Inisheer' | watercolour, 13.5 x 9.5 ins | Trudi Doyle
 'Resting Currachs Inisheer'
'Resting Currachs Inisheer' | watercolour, 13.5 x 9.5 ins | Trudi Doyle

Trudi Doyle

Trudi Doyle originally from Hacketstown Co.Carlow and having lived and worked in Berlin, Brussles, New York, London and for several years in Dublin no...
'BREDA' | OIL ON LINEN, 45 X 35 CMS | Judy Shinnick
'ABU HASSAN' | OIL ON LINEN, 45 X 35 CMS | Judy Shinnick

Judy Shinnick

Florence is the centre of an emerging renaissance of classical, realist art and Judy has invested the last 5 summers there studying the techniques and tradition...
 'Alone in the Crowd (Trafalgar Square)'
'Alone in the Crowd (Trafalgar Square)' | oil on canvas, 28 x 38 ins | Olga Weston
'Connemara' | oil on canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Olga Weston

Olga Weston

Most recently, I have joined a small group of iconographers, where we paint traditional icons in the Greek/ Byzantine/Orthodox manner have the opportunity to do...
 'Blackface Ram'
'Blackface Ram' | Oil on Linen Canvas, 60 x 60 cm | Andrew Shannon
 'Man and Horse'
'Man and Horse' | Graphite Pencil on Cartridge Paper, A4 | Andrew Shannon

Andrew Shannon

I am self-taught, work mostly in oils and focus mainly on figurative painting and portraits...
 'Pier to Freedom'
'Pier to Freedom' | Watercolour (Print), na | Mary Crowley
 'The White Strand'
'The White Strand' | Watercolour (Print), na | Mary Crowley

Mary Crowley

A self taught from Buncrana, Co Donegal on the beautiful Inishowen Peninsula. My love of France and Inishowen is often reflected in my colourful work...
 'Allegory of The Cave'
'Allegory of The Cave' | Oil on Linen, 215 x 135 cm | Francis O'Toole
'Glance' | pencil on paper, 22 x 16 cms | Francis O'Toole

Francis O'Toole

After fours years intermittent study in Florence, Francis returned to Dublin and is now working in his studio on a number of figurative, multi-figurative and po...
'Family' | oil on canvas, 12 x 12 ins | Amanda Tapley
'Evolution' | oil on canvas, 16 x 20 ins | Amanda Tapley

Amanda Tapley

I have been painting for over 20 years and I am influenced by my observations of nature and paint mainly in oils. I also hold regular workshops and classes for ...

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