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painting 'Ballet Shoes'
'Ballet Shoes' | Soft pastel, 80 x 56cm | David Sweet
painting 'Blue Shoes'
'Blue Shoes' | Soft pastel, 65 x 45cm | David Sweet

David Sweet

A paediatrician in Belfast painting mainly as a hobby. He works in soft pastel and has been accepted for membership of the Pastel Society of Ireland in 2009...
painting 'Conductor'
'Conductor' | Oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm | Zane Sutra
painting 'The Floods'
'The Floods' | Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm | Zane Sutra

Zane Sutra

Every painting has its philosophically stylized story and works as an illustration for something that actually happened in life; happiness, lonelines...
painting 'Goldfinch On Vines'
'Goldfinch On Vines' | pastel, 12 x 10 ins | Gemma Best
painting 'The Great'
'The Great' | pastel, 18 x 22 ins | Gemma Best

Gemma Best

a wildlife artist living in Castletreasure Cork and is surrounded by fields,streams and plenty of wildlife. Gemma always had a passion for animals,nature and pa...
painting 'Port and Starboard'
'Port and Starboard' | Oil, 65 x 90 cm | Fergus Ryan
painting 'Old Carboniferous'
'Old Carboniferous' | egg tempera, 36 x 61 cm | Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan

The artist spent the summer of 2013 in a masterclass in Italy with the noted Israeli painter Israel Hershberg, following the Italian footsteps of Corot and the ...
painting 'Forget-me-not, Aunt Ritas Old Cottage, Ballylumford'
'Forget-me-not, Aunt Ritas Old Cottage, Ballylumford' | Oil and acrylic on canvas board, 8 x 12 inches | Laura Butler
painting 'The Old Dispensary, Kilcoanbeg'
'The Old Dispensary, Kilcoanbeg' | Oil and acrylic on canvas, 10 x 12 inches | Laura Butler

Laura Butler

I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in...
painting 'Remember The Days'
'Remember The Days' | Oil, 30 x 40 cm | Tony Oakey
painting 'One of Those Golden Moments'
'One of Those Golden Moments' | Oil, 40 x 50 cm | Tony Oakey

Tony Oakey

Tony Oakey was born in 1959 and lives in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. He started painting in 1990 and had his first sell-out show in Kilkenny Arts Festival...
painting 'Lavender Sky 2'
'Lavender Sky 2' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Jaanika Talts
painting 'Picnic For Two'
'Picnic For Two' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts

I'm not able to put it into words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. We all use the power of colours daily, often unconsciously. For me, colours b...
painting 'Many Reflections, oil on canvas'
'Many Reflections, oil on canvas' | framed, 40 x 80 cm | Diana Marshall
painting 'Eggs and Roses, oil on panel'
'Eggs and Roses, oil on panel' | framed, 18 x 36 cm | Diana Marshall

Diana Marshall

A selection of still life paintings in the style of contemporary realism, all paintings sold framed in white box frames with glass....
painting 'Forest Floor'
'Forest Floor' | oil, 100 x 91 cm | Tanis Gordon Smith
painting 'City 1'
'City 1' | Oil, 45 x 30 cm | Tanis Gordon Smith

Tanis Gordon Smith

My work has no specific theme. I paint what I feel and therefore can not be held to any particular style. Freedom. The people who view and perhaps buy my work c...
painting 'Two Minutes to Kent Station'
'Two Minutes to Kent Station' | Acrylic 0n board., 99 X 83 cm | Jo and Sue Keys
painting 'Entering Glanmire Cork. Sundown'
'Entering Glanmire Cork. Sundown' | Acrylic on Board., 18 X 14 ins | Jo and Sue Keys

Jo and Sue Keys

Both students at the Slade School of art. U.C.L. Josef awarded the Robert Ross leaving scholarship. Works in public and private collections world wide...
painting 'BREDA'
'BREDA' | OIL ON LINEN, 45 X 35 CMS | Judy Shinnick
painting 'ABU HASSAN'
'ABU HASSAN' | OIL ON LINEN, 45 X 35 CMS | Judy Shinnick

Judy Shinnick

Florence is the centre of an emerging renaissance of classical, realist art and Judy has invested the last 5 summers there studying the techniques and tradition...
painting 'Tension'
'Tension' | Oil on Canvas, 50 X 70 cm | Dominic McNamara
painting 'Regeneration'
'Regeneration' | Oil on Canvas, 30 X 40 cm | Dominic McNamara

Dominic McNamara

I am a self taught Artist, I'm not sure If I can officially call myself a fully qualified Artist, but I'm trying, and hoping that someday I may be loo...
painting 'In Blue, May 2016'
'In Blue, May 2016' | Oil on canvas, 40 x 40 x 4 cm | Martina Furlong
painting 'In Green, May 2016'
'In Green, May 2016' | Oil on canvas, 60 x 50 x 1.5 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...
painting 'Grey Mare with Skewbald Foal 1'
'Grey Mare with Skewbald Foal 1' | Oil on canvas, 10 x 12 ins | Mairead Holohan
painting 'On the Bit'
'On the Bit' | Oil on canvas, 12 X 14 ins | Mairead Holohan

Mairead Holohan

I am a graduate of NCAD and WIT. I worked with horses for years and have an in depth knowledge of the horse. I work with community groups to enable myself to pa...
painting 'Night Lights - The Long Walk'
'Night Lights - The Long Walk' | Watercolour on Paper, 11.5 x 8 inches | Fiona Concannon
painting 'The Long Walk - A Clear Night'
'The Long Walk - A Clear Night' | Watercolour on Paper, 11.5 x 8.3 inches | Fiona Concannon

Fiona Concannon

Watercolour on Paper, Landscapes of the West of Ireland. Her work has always had a deep concern with the use and effects of colour. Her current work is focusing...

Art Exhibitions, Events

Pallas Projects/Studios 115–117 The Coombe, Dublin 8, Ireland


Eveleen Murphy, Marilyn Gaffney and Elizabeth Lyne

15th June - 26th June

Aidan Heavey Library Athlone, Co. Westmeath

Solo Show

Patrick McGovern

20th June - 9th July