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 'Happy Fish - Orange Beauty'
'Happy Fish - Orange Beauty' | Acrylic and Mixed Media, 20 x 20 cms | Lorraine Fenlon
 'Peppermint Angelfish'
'Peppermint Angelfish' | Acrylic and Mixed Media, 20 x 20 cms | Lorraine Fenlon

Lorraine Fenlon

Her work is a mixture of representative and abstracts concentrating on strong colours and the use of light to create an energy to each piece. She also experimen...
'Marigold' | Acrylic on canvas, not given | Bridie Smyth
 'Contented Farmer'
'Contented Farmer' | Acrylic on canvas, not given | Bridie Smyth

Bridie Smyth

Bridie has been firmly established as a talented Armagh artist, with particular flair for still-life and landscape painting. However, her work spans a...
 'Huband Bridge'
'Huband Bridge' | Pen and Ink on Watercolour Paper, 30 x 40 cm | Debbie Cheevers
 'St Stephen's Green Cottage'
'St Stephen's Green Cottage' | Pen and Ink on Watercolour Paper, 21 x29.7 cm | Debbie Cheevers

Debbie Cheevers

primarily architectural and figurative art. Both genres broadly deal with perception and the distortion of familiarity, utilising the relatively precise arsenal...
 'Winter Scene'
'Winter Scene' | Acrylic on canvas board, 14 x 10 inches | Marta O'Leary
 'Let It Rain'
'Let It Rain' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm | Marta O'Leary

Marta O'Leary

Marta does not believe that as an artist she is required to limit herself to one particular form or subject. She perceives art as the extension of human soul wh...
 'Lavender Sky 2'
'Lavender Sky 2' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Jaanika Talts
 'Picnic For Two'
'Picnic For Two' | Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 40 cm | Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts

I'm not able to put it into words how much I love colours! Colours are everywhere. We all use the power of colours daily, often unconsciously. For me, colours b...
 'Where The Trees Live in Gweedore'
'Where The Trees Live in Gweedore' | Watercolour on paper, 29 x 39 cm | Stephen Shaw
 'Rhapsody in Brown'
'Rhapsody in Brown' | Watercolour on paper, 29 x 39 cm | Stephen Shaw

Stephen Shaw

I paint the ever changing face of Belfast and other places in Northern Ireland. Not Tourist Attractions and well known landmarks, but the ordinary, th...
'Farrige' | show, performance | Noel Molloy
 'Farrige go Farraige'
'Farrige go Farraige' | show, performance | Noel Molloy

Noel Molloy

Studied Limerick School of Art and Design 1978 - 1982. Degree in Fine Art 1982. Works in sculpture/mixed media and performance art. He has exhibited a...
 'Running Free'
'Running Free' | Oil, 11 x 15 ins | Olivia O'Carra
 'Upper Lake'
'Upper Lake' | Oil, 14 x 21 ins | Olivia O'Carra

Olivia O'Carra

I paint in a traditional manner building up in layers starting with fairly thin paint but gradually adding thicker paint in an impasto fashion with knives, fing...
 'Torquoise Splash (after Uzgakov)'
'Torquoise Splash (after Uzgakov)' | Oil, 50 x 70 cm | Lisa McGill
'Moonlit' | Oil, 120 x 80 cm | Lisa McGill

Lisa McGill

a Donegal based artist. Her work is inspired by the sea, by the wild Atlantic and its stories and themes....
 'Sandymount Stroll'
'Sandymount Stroll' | Oils, 10 x 12 ins | Gillian Hennessy
 'One Golden Evening'
'One Golden Evening' | Oils, 10 x 12 ins | Gillian Hennessy

Gillian Hennessy

Gill paints large oils both commercially and privately commissioned. She has been painting since an early age and at the moment her work is concentrated mainly ...
 'Grazers in Connemara'
'Grazers in Connemara' | Oil, 24 x 16 ins | Ann Brennan
 'A View of Home'
'A View of Home' | oil, 30 x 24 ins | Ann Brennan

Ann Brennan

I am a self taught artist working from my home based studio in Ballingarry. Co. Tipperary. I have been painting for a number of years but only took i...
 'Aramanthine Hare'
'Aramanthine Hare' | Acrylic, 25 x 25 cm | Sarah Majury
 'Lonesome Bay'
'Lonesome Bay' | Acrylic, 42 x 42 cm | Sarah Majury

Sarah Majury

I love building up layers and creating texture. My recent work is mainly of wildlife, I have a particular obsession with the Irish hare and their sometimes elus...
 'Man With Crocodile'
'Man With Crocodile' | Oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm | Connor Robertson
 'Two Figures In A Canoe'
'Two Figures In A Canoe' | Oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm | Connor Robertson

Connor Robertson

I enjoy painting large scale, I feel it gives room for chance and for accidents to occur during the painting process. These accidents can allow a painting to ac...
 'Inquisitive Saddlebacks'
'Inquisitive Saddlebacks' | Oil in canvas, 29 x 19 ins | Edward O'Connell
'Tranquillity' | Oil in canvas, 47 x 30 ins | Edward O'Connell

Edward O'Connell

I have been oil painting for the last couple of years. The inspiration of my painting are from where I lived and where I live now. I am very interested painting...
 'Meadow of Cornflowers'
'Meadow of Cornflowers' | Acrylic on paper, 8 x 12 inch | Brigid Birney
 'Starkly Beautiful'
'Starkly Beautiful' | Acrylic on Paper, 8 x 12 inch | Brigid Birney

Brigid Birney

I am inspired constantly by the various seasons and the resulting changes on the landscape and all it contains, from the beauty of the coast, to the vibrant col...
'Spirit' | Oil, 15 x 21 cm | Ann Marie O'Donovan
'Treasure' | Oil, 30 x 30 cm | Ann Marie O'Donovan

Ann Marie O'Donovan

Ann Marie lives and paints from her home at Muckruss, in Ardfield, near the beautiul town of Clonakilty on the delightful coastline of West Cork. Her...
 'Decadent Duo'
'Decadent Duo' | Oil on canvas, 15 x 17 ins | Michelle Territ
 'Enchanted Branches'
'Enchanted Branches' | Oil on canvas, 12 x 17 ins | Michelle Territ

Michelle Territ

I am very passionate about Art. I can say with Color what I simply can not say with words....
 'The Old Cottage'
'The Old Cottage' | Acrylic, 8 x 10 | Stephen T Shaw
 'Mountain Dwelling'
'Mountain Dwelling' | Acrylic, 35 x 45 cm | Stephen T Shaw

Stephen T Shaw

Most of my work is inspired by the surrounding landscapes of places I know well in Derry, Donegal and Dublin. I enjoy juggling a professional career in graphic ...
 'NIce Dream'
'NIce Dream' | Acrylic on canvas, 76 x 101 x 1.5 cm | Martina Furlong
 'Little Red'
'Little Red' | Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 x 2 cm | Martina Furlong

Martina Furlong

The ideas for my paintings come from various sources; buildings, books, songs, people and nature. In my paintings I want to transform reality, mix it with memor...
 'Kia and Holly's Portrait, Acrylic'
'Kia and Holly's Portrait, Acrylic' | Oils, 17 x 21 inches | Rachelle O'Regan
 'Doogle's Portrait'
'Doogle's Portrait' | Acrylic painting, 15 x 19 inch | Rachelle O'Regan

Rachelle O'Regan

My background is in Illustration and design. My speciality is in pet portraiture, combining my passion for painting and my love for animals....
 'Fields Of Barley'
'Fields Of Barley' | Oil on Canvas, 30 x 20 ins | Rachel Ryan
 'Brownstown Head, Co Waterford'
'Brownstown Head, Co Waterford' | Oil on Canvas, 30 x 20 ins | Rachel Ryan

Rachel Ryan

My subject matter is extremely varied portraiture, landscapes, wildlife, still life, architecture and one of my favorite subjects race horses. I have always pus...

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