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Magic,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'Magic', artist, Jaanika Talts
Conquest Of Paradise,  Acrylic on deep edge canvas
art,'Conquest Of Paradise', artist, Jaanika Talts
Magic,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'Magic', artist, Jaanika Talts
Born to Fly,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'Born to Fly', artist, Jaanika Talts
Untitled 1,  Acrylic on deep edge canvas
art,'Untitled 1', artist, Jaanika Talts
Silver,  Acrylic on deep edge canvas
art,'Silver', artist, Jaanika Talts
Bronze,  Acrylic on deep edge canvas
art,'Bronze', artist, Jaanika Talts
Gold,  Acrylic on deep edge canvas
art,'Gold', artist, Jaanika Talts
Controvento,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'Controvento', artist, Jaanika Talts
HotShot,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'HotShot', artist, Jaanika Talts
Untitled 2,  Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas
art,'Untitled 2', artist, Jaanika Talts
Midsummer Night,  Acrylic on canvas
art,'Midsummer Night', artist, Jaanika Talts

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Artist, Jaanika Talts, art

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Art, Irish art, Irish artists

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