New Irish Art   January, 2015

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The January visits total to New Irish Art is already outstripping those of December and having more than a dozen brand new artists to feature on our front page for February is promising an exciting few weeks ahead.

Brian, Ciaran Taylor
Art. "Brian", Artist. Ciaran Taylor
Darren and the pole, Ciaran Taylor
Art. "Darren and the pole", Artist. Ciaran Taylor
Molly and the letter, Ciaran Taylor
Art. "Molly and the letter", Artist. Ciaran Taylor
Spiddal Harbour, Dominic McNamara
Art. "Spiddal Harbour", Artist. Dominic McNamara
Megan, Dominic McNamara
Art. "Megan", Artist. Dominic McNamara
Looking for Frogs, Dominic McNamara
Art. "Looking for Frogs", Artist. Dominic McNamara

Dominic McNamara, Irish artist

I am a self taught Artist, I'm not sure If I can officially call myself a fully qualified Artist, but I'm trying, and hoping that someday I may be loo...
Moonflowers, Fiona Roche
Art. "Moonflowers", Artist. Fiona Roche
Poppy Wood, Fiona Roche
Art. "Poppy Wood", Artist. Fiona Roche
Wild Meadow Flowers, Fiona Roche
Art. "Wild Meadow Flowers", Artist. Fiona Roche

Fiona Roche, Irish artist

Fiona is from Dublin and still lives and works there. Her aim is to create artwork that is dynamic and uplifting to bring a sense of joy and wellbein...
Hay!, Bob Fox
Art. "Hay!", Artist. Bob Fox
Precious, Bob Fox
Art. "Precious", Artist. Bob Fox
La Parisienne, Bob Fox
Art. "La Parisienne", Artist. Bob Fox

Bob Fox, Irish artist

Originally from Athlone, I have been living in France, just outside Paris, for the last few years, I work in oils and water colours. I'm inspired by m...
Untitled 1, Benny McLaughlin
Art. "Untitled 1", Artist. Benny McLaughlin
Untitled 2, Benny McLaughlin
Art. "Untitled 2", Artist. Benny McLaughlin
Untitled 3, Benny McLaughlin
Art. "Untitled 3", Artist. Benny McLaughlin

Benny McLaughlin, Irish artist

The inspiration for my paintings comes from the landscape of County Donegal and surrounding areas but in particular the rugged and beautiful landscape of Glenco...
The Long Walk, Fiona Concannon
Art. "The Long Walk", Artist. Fiona Concannon
Furbo Beach Sunset, Fiona Concannon
Art. "Furbo Beach Sunset", Artist. Fiona Concannon
Galway Hooker, Fiona Concannon
Art. "Galway Hooker", Artist. Fiona Concannon

Fiona Concannon, Irish artist

Her work has always had a deep concern with the use and effects of colour. Her current work is focusing on the beauty of the Irish landscape, especially that of...
Speechless, Conor Walton
Art. "Speechless", Artist. Conor Walton
Self-Portrait in Armour, Conor Walton
Art. "Self-Portrait in Armour", Artist. Conor Walton
Siren, Conor Walton
Art. "Siren", Artist. Conor Walton

Conor Walton, Irish artist

Born in Dublin in 1970, Conor Walton studied painting at NCAD, winning the Taylor Prize in 1993, the year of his graduation. After further studies in...
Connemara Homeland, Clive Hughes
Art. "Connemara Homeland", Artist. Clive Hughes
Lough Corrib, Clive Hughes
Art. "Lough Corrib", Artist. Clive Hughes
Sunset Bog, Clive Hughes
Art. "Sunset Bog", Artist. Clive Hughes

Clive Hughes, Irish artist

Oils-On-Canvas Artist Landscape, Irish Heritage, Castles, Countryside, Places Of Interests and most subjects, most sizes painted. Painting from Photog...
Family, Amanda Tapley
Art. "Family", Artist. Amanda Tapley
Evolution, Amanda Tapley
Art. "Evolution", Artist. Amanda Tapley
Tree, Amanda Tapley
Art. "Tree", Artist. Amanda Tapley

Amanda Tapley, Irish artist

I have been painting for over 20 years and I am influenced by my observations of nature and paint mainly in oils. I also hold regular workshops and classes for ...
Mama Cocha, Lisa McGill
Art. "Mama Cocha", Artist. Lisa McGill
Rathmullan, Lisa McGill
Art. "Rathmullan", Artist. Lisa McGill
Catch of the Day, Lisa McGill
Art. "Catch of the Day", Artist. Lisa McGill

Lisa McGill, Irish artist

a Donegal based artist. Her work is inspired by the sea, by the wild Atlantic and its stories and themes....
Romney Ram, Andrew Shannon
Art. "Romney Ram", Artist. Andrew Shannon
March Hare, Andrew Shannon
Art. "March Hare", Artist. Andrew Shannon
Coat of Many Colours, Andrew Shannon
Art. "Coat of Many Colours", Artist. Andrew Shannon
Reflection, Fergus Ryan
Art. "Reflection", Artist. Fergus Ryan
Liminal, Fergus Ryan
Art. "Liminal", Artist. Fergus Ryan
Dreadlocks, Fergus Ryan
Art. "Dreadlocks", Artist. Fergus Ryan

Fergus Ryan, Irish artist

The artist spent the summer of 2013 in a masterclass in Italy with the noted Israeli painter Israel Hershberg, following the Italian footsteps of Corot and the ...
But how could you live and have no story to tell, Francis O'Toole
Art. "But how could you live and have no story to tell", Artist. Francis O'Toole
To love is to suffer, Francis O'Toole
Art. "To love is to suffer", Artist. Francis O'Toole
Fade with time, Francis O'Toole
Art. "Fade with time", Artist. Francis O'Toole
Corradreenan Farm in Snow, Laura Butler
Art. "Corradreenan Farm in Snow", Artist. Laura Butler
The Lower Gateway, Laura Butler
Art. "The Lower Gateway", Artist. Laura Butler
Clovervale, Laura Butler
Art. "Clovervale", Artist. Laura Butler

Laura Butler, Irish artist

I am particularly drawn to images where the presence of people, the mark they make on the landscape over time can be felt and I try to depict this in...
Sun Zebra, Oonagh Latchford
Art. "Sun Zebra", Artist. Oonagh Latchford
A picture of Me without You, Oonagh Latchford
Art. "A picture of Me without You", Artist. Oonagh Latchford
4am, Oonagh Latchford
Art. "4am", Artist. Oonagh Latchford

Oonagh Latchford, Irish artist

Her painting practice explores the depiction of light and in particular, the effects of high contrast and over saturation produced both by strong sunl...
Across the Breaches Kilcoole, David Mackay
Art. "Across the Breaches Kilcoole", Artist. David Mackay
Three Castle Head West Cork, David Mackay
Art. "Three Castle Head West Cork", Artist. David Mackay
Sea Thrift 1, David Mackay
Art. "Sea Thrift 1", Artist. David Mackay

David Mackay, English artist

The inspiration for my current work comes from the local landscapes, though largely representational, I try to capture the moods and atmospheres that ......

Irish Art Exhibitions, Events

The Solas Art Gallery Ballinamore, Co.Leitrim

Joint Art Exhibition

Maria Noonan-McDermott and Frances Crowe

Opening Friday 13th March at 7.30pm to 4th April.

The Helix DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin

Art Exhibition

Bella Morgan

From 2nd February 2015 to 14th March

Arts and Culture Centre McAuley Place, Naas, Co.Kildare

Solo Exhibition- "Artists in the Lobby"

Vera Lysaght

5th March - 19th March, 2015

Avenida Comandante Benitez 7, 29001, Malaga

Art Exhibition

Brenda Higgins and Elvira Carrera Sanchez

January 26th - February 16th, 2015