Bill O'Brien Artist  Cork and Dublin

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Art, 'Howth Harbour Eve'
'Howth Harbour Eve' | Oil, 10x8 inches
Art, 'Howth Harbour Gloria 11'
'Howth Harbour Gloria 11' | Oil, 10x8 inches
Art, 'Howth Dawn'
'Howth Dawn' | Oil, 10x8 inches
Art, 'Howth'
'Howth' | High n Dry, Acrylic
Art, 'Temple Bar Nights'
'Temple Bar Nights' | Acrylic, 8x10 inches
Art, 'Evening Stroll Clontarf Road'
'Evening Stroll Clontarf Road' | Oil, 10x8
Art, 'Howth Cruiser'
'Howth Cruiser' | Oil, 8x8 inches
Art, 'Salthill Summer'
'Salthill Summer' | Oil, 10x12 inches
Art, 'Fishing'
'Fishing' | A Steadying Hand, Oil
Art, 'Hapenn Bridge Dramatic'
'Hapenn Bridge Dramatic' | oil, 8x10 inches
Art, 'Grafton St Winter Shopping'
'Grafton St Winter Shopping' | oil, 8x10 inches
Art, 'Flmouth Cornwall'
'Flmouth Cornwall' | oil, 8x8 inches
Art, 'New Street Old Pub'
'New Street Old Pub' | Acrylic, 12x10 Inches
Art, 'Howth Yachts Sundown'
'Howth Yachts Sundown' | Oil, 8x6 inches
Art, 'Howth Yachts XI'
'Howth Yachts XI' | Oil, 8x6 inches
Art, 'A Stroll in St.Annes Park'
'A Stroll in St.Annes Park' | Oil, 8x6 inches
Art, 'Howth XIV'
'Howth XIV' | Oil, 8x6 inches
Art, 'Saint Annes Snow Scene'
'Saint Annes Snow Scene' | Acrylic, 12x10 inches
Art, 'Bull Island Winter'
'Bull Island Winter' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Bait Diggers Bull Island'
'Bait Diggers Bull Island' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Horse Racing on Beach'
'Horse Racing on Beach' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Grafton Street Dublin'
'Grafton Street Dublin' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Girl on a Bike St Annes'
'Girl on a Bike St Annes' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Evening on the East Pier Howth'
'Evening on the East Pier Howth' | Oil, 10x8 Inches
Art, 'Howth Harbour Blue'
'Howth Harbour Blue' | Oil on Canvas, 50x50 cm
Art, 'Trawler East Pier'
'Trawler East Pier' | Acrylic on board, 25x20 cm
Art, 'Blue Boat West Pier'
'Blue Boat West Pier' | Oil on Board, 25x20 cm
Art, 'Dublin Bay Clontarf'
'Dublin Bay Clontarf' | Oil on Hardboard, 40x30 cm
Art, 'Siesta'
'Siesta' | Oil on Stretched canvas, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Sand Dunes Dollymount'
'Sand Dunes Dollymount' | Oil on Board, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Malahide Beach'
'Malahide Beach' | Oil on Board, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Dollymount Strand'
'Dollymount Strand' | Oil on board, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Bull Island3'
'Bull Island3' | Oil on board, 30x22 cm
Art, 'Daffodils'
'Daffodils' | Oil on board, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Blackberry Picking'
'Blackberry Picking' | Acrylic on board, 35x25 cm
Art, 'Bull Island'
'Bull Island' | Oil on board, 25x30 cm
Art, 'Bull Island'
'Bull Island' | Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Art, 'Heron Redband'
'Heron Redband' | Acrylic, 10 x 8 ins
Art, 'Portmarnock Beach n Kiosk'
'Portmarnock Beach n Kiosk' | Acrylic, 12 x 9 ins
Art, 'Hill Walker'
'Hill Walker' | Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Art, 'Siobhan'
'Siobhan' | Oil, 12 x 10 ins
Art, 'Bull Island 3'
'Bull Island 3' | Oil, 12 x 9 ins
Art, 'Fornaluxt'
'Fornaluxt' | Oil, 12 x 16 ins
Art, 'Fionas Rooster'
'Fionas Rooster' | Oil, 30 x 20
Art, 'Bull Island 4'
'Bull Island 4' | Oil, 8 x 6 ins
Art, 'Dead Calm Skerries'
'Dead Calm Skerries' | Oil, 8 x 10 ins
Art, 'Copper Jug'
'Copper Jug' | Oil, 16 x 12 ins
Art, 'River Brosna'
'River Brosna' | Oil, 10 x 12 ins

Bill O'Brien Artist (Download The Catalogue)

My introduction to art began at Corks Crawford Gallery where I attended art school haviing won a local children's art competition. As a painter I consider myself to be self-taught although have received drawing and painting tuition from several artists and began painting in oils in 1990. I strive for atmosphere in my paintings capturing serene mood. I am inspired by morning and evening light and my preferred media are oil and acrylic. I like to paint loosely using impressionistic layering/glazing techniques whilst still maintaining some focus on attention to detail.