Carmel Travers,  Donegal

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Passing Fancy
Passing Fancy, Ink and Watercolour, 33 x 37 cm
The Ride
The Ride, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 80 cm
Mr O'Neill
Mr O'Neill, Oil on Canvas, NA
Good Morning Donegal
Good Morning Donegal, Watercolour and Pencil, 41 x 51 cm
Autumn Waltz
Autumn Waltz, Watercolour, 89.5 x 73 cm
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom, Watercolour, 53.5 x 62.5 cm
Off To Market
Off To Market, Watercolour, 27.5 x 33.5 cm
Celebration, Ink and Watercolour, 27.5 x 25.5 cm
The Glen
The Glen, Mixed Media On Cotton, 60 x 50 cm
Mary's Garden
Mary's Garden, Mixed Media On Cotton, 57 x 55 cm

Carmel Travers Art (Download The Catalogue)

This is the online gallery of Irish artist Carmel Travers. Based in Donegal, Carmel is an exciting contemporary artist who is skilled in a variety of different mediums including watercolour, oils, graphite, pastel and fabric. Inspired by artists such as Georgia O'Keefe, Henri Rousseau and Aubrey Beardsley and with a passion for art nouveau Carmel produces vibrant, colourful pieces in which her love of nature is always evident.

Carmel Studied in Sligo I.T. and now works full time in her home based studio in Donegal where she has participated in community art projects and art workshops.