Corinna Schroeder-vFrihling,  Germany and Clare

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Ich und meine Zeit-das Kunst-Jahr 1987
Ich und meine Zeit-das Kunst-Jahr 1987, colour etching - aquatint - 4 plates on zinc, 40x30cm
Danse Macabre II
Danse Macabre II, etching - aquatint on zinc, 40x30cm
Woods of the Fairies
Woods of the Fairies, mezzotint on copper, 24.5x20cm
Stone Language IV
Stone Language IV, etching - aquatint on zinc, 30x20cm
Birds Talk-at sunset
Birds Talk-at sunset, etching - sugarlift - soapground - aquatint on copper, 30x40cm
Verletzte Baeume - Injured Trees
Verletzte Baeume - Injured Trees, colour etching - aquatint 4 plates on zinc, 30x40cm
Dance for the Queen
Dance for the Queen, etching, sugarlift - soapground - aquatint on copper
Storytelling, etching - verni mou - aquatint on zinc, 20x30cm
to the play 'Sharon's Grave'
to the play 'Sharon's Grave', etching - aquatint on copper, 37x26cm
Hidden Fairy
Hidden Fairy, etching - mezzotint - crayon - aquatint, 30x20cm
Dance of a Dream
Dance of a Dream, etching - aquatint on zinc, 30x30cm
When I think of Mayo...
When I think of Mayo..., etching - soapground - aquatint - 2 plates on copper, 40x30cm

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Growing up in a visual artist's home I started painting as a toddler and made my first etching at the age of 9. After studies in ceramics graphics and education I worked as an artist, teacher and lecturer and founded together with my late husband a private Painting School and Gallery in our family home on the Isle of Foehr in Northern Germany.

Now I'm living and working for many years in Doolin Co.Clare, Ireland. Etching - painting - drawing is a way to let other people take part in my visions of life, to show wonders and wounds in a very gentle way. I think myself a kind of storyteller.