Gaby Browett,  Dublin

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Winter Dalkey Quarry 4
Winter Dalkey Quarry 4, Acrylic on board, 30 x 40 cm
Self Portrait
Self Portrait, Acrylic on board, 46 x 34cm
Portrait - Keith, Acrylic
Portrait - Keith, Acrylic, mixed media on board, 790 x 80cm
na, na, na
Portrait, na, na
C42 - 6, Acrylic
C42 - 6, Acrylic, mixed media on board, 60 x 90cm
C42 - 4, Acrylic
C42 - 4, Acrylic, mixed media on board, 89 x 70cm
Winter Dalkey Quarry 3
Winter Dalkey Quarry 3, Acrylic on board, 40 x 30cm
Winter Dalkey Quarry 2
Winter Dalkey Quarry 2, Acrylic on board, 70 x 30cm
Dalkey Quarry 1
Dalkey Quarry 1, Oil on board, 70 x 25cm
Dalkey Quarry 2
Dalkey Quarry 2, Oil on board, 53 x 43cm

Gaby Browett Art (Download The Catalogue)

Gaby Browett is from Dublin. She studied at the Grafton Academy and initially worked designing and making wedding dresses. She was also awarded a diploma in Interior Design and has designed bespoke furniture and advised on interior decoration. She studied advanced painting for 3 years in I.A.D.T.

She has exhibited many times including a sell out show at the Dalkey Heritage Centre where she concentrated on her favourite subject of Dalkey quarry. Working from her south Dublin studio, her work which is both figurative and abstract contains texture which she achieves by priming her boards with a mixture of gesso and plaster.