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Kelly Hood - England and Kerry

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'MooTilda', artist Kelly Hood
Gossip Girlz
'Gossip Girlz', artist Kelly Hood
'Highlander', artist Kelly Hood
Gorgeous George
'Gorgeous George', artist Kelly Hood
Nicole Kid-man
'Nicole Kid-man', artist Kelly Hood
David Hassle-Hoof
'David Hassle-Hoof', artist Kelly Hood
Moody Allen
'Moody Allen', artist Kelly Hood
Trinny and Suzannah
'Trinny and Suzannah', artist Kelly Hood
Cowlito's Way
'Cowlito's Way', artist Kelly Hood
Ange-Moolina Jolie
'Ange-Moolina Jolie', artist Kelly Hood
Arnold Schwarten-Egger
'Arnold Schwarten-Egger', artist Kelly Hood
The Odd Couple
'The Odd Couple', artist Kelly Hood
Atlantic Crab
'Atlantic Crab', artist Kelly Hood
Snoozing in Nearys
'Snoozing in Nearys', artist Kelly Hood
'Whitehorses', artist Kelly Hood
Rosin Ban
'Rosin Ban', artist Kelly Hood
Traffic Jam
'Traffic Jam', artist Kelly Hood
Blood Brothers
'Blood Brothers', artist Kelly Hood
Atlantic Mackerel
'Atlantic Mackerel', artist Kelly Hood
Clash of the Ash
'Clash of the Ash', artist Kelly Hood
The Fiddler
'The Fiddler', artist Kelly Hood
Oliver Mack
'Oliver Mack', artist Kelly Hood
Hannie Agnes
'Hannie Agnes', artist Kelly Hood
Atlantic Clam
'Atlantic Clam', artist Kelly Hood

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England and Kerry Artist Kelly Hood

A skilled painter and artist, who specialises in uniquely Irish images and animal scenes, Kelly Hood has seen huge interest in her cow paintings from collectors and galleries. Her super-realist black and white style has won her fans worldwide, with original paintings by the Dingle artist owned by The Cranberries, Tommy Tiernan, Richard Bruton, Perth Racecourse in Scotland, and by Terry Wogan. 'I eat them, I wear them, and I paint them... I owe them something, don't I?" says Kelly Hood, who has become known as the 'Cow Painter', thanks to the pop-art look she brings to the local Kerry cows, in her uniquely realistic monochrome paintings. 'I'm regularly asked, 'why cows?' and it's probably because the cow is a universally loved animal. The cow represents different things to different people all around the world. She's sacred, she's historical, she connects us to our past; but the common feeling is one of affection. She simply makes everyone smile' Kelly Hood says.



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