Linda Carey,  Dublin

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Military Road, Wicklow
Military Road, Wicklow, Pastel, 55 x 80 cm
Potes, Mountains, Spain
Potes, Mountains, Spain, Pastel, 56 x 81 cm
St. Jean Pied De Port, France
St. Jean Pied De Port, France, Pastel, 28 x 39 cm
Potes Town, Cantabria Spain
Potes Town, Cantabria Spain, Pastel, 50 x 55 cm
Waterford Boat, Copper Coast
Waterford Boat, Copper Coast, Pencil, 38 x 50 cm
Sea Break
Sea Break, Pastel, 53 x 38 cm
Laragh, Wicklow
Laragh, Wicklow, Pastel, 69 x 57 cm
Galway Boat, Mweenish
Galway Boat, Mweenish, Pencil, 37 x 27 cm
Puma, Pastel, 13 x 28 cm
Mweenish Harbour, Galway
Mweenish Harbour, Galway, Pencil, 24 x 56 cm
Silence, Donegal
Silence, Donegal, Pastel, 41 x 76 cm
Galway Dawn
Galway Dawn, Oil, 26 x 56 cm

Linda Carey Art (Download The Catalogue)

I work through Pastels, Pencil, Watercolour and Oils to create Landscapes and Cityscapes from all over the world. I am always looking for my next painting and use my yearly trips around Europe and the tumultuous Irish weather as constant sources of inspiration. I've always had a great love of boats and enjoy capturing their personality and history through Art. I'm a self taught Artist, currently located in Dublin.