Orla Cahill,  Galway and Kildare

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Nasturtiums, Acrylics On Canvas, 40 x 30 x 5/8 ins
Lonely Leaf Among The Cordylines
Lonely Leaf Among The Cordylines, Acrylics On Canvas, 24 x 30 x 5/8 ins
Sunny Flowers
Sunny Flowers, Acrylics On Canvas, 16 x 20 x 6/8 ins
Winter Greens Senecio Greyii
Winter Greens Senecio Greyii, Acrylics On Canvas, 31.5 x 23.5 x 5/8 ins
Hosta Glory
Hosta Glory, Acrylics On Canvas, 20 x 40 x 5/8 ins
Spring Into Orange
Spring Into Orange, Acrylics On Canvas, 30 x 24 x 5/8 ins
Ferrari Reflections Modena Italy
Ferrari Reflections Modena Italy, Acrylics On Canvas, 40 x 24 x 5/8 ins
A Big Blue V
A Big Blue V, Acrylics On Canvas, 24 X 30 X 5/8 ins
Rusty Blue Verona Italy
Rusty Blue Verona Italy, Acrylics On Canvas, 30 x 24 x 5/8 ins
Drain Vent Botanic Gardens Dublin
Drain Vent Botanic Gardens Dublin, Acrylics On Board, 20 x 24 ins
Stony Grey
Stony Grey, Acrylics On Canvas, 19.5 x 23.5 x 5/8 ins
Girl On Stairs Bologna Italy
Girl On Stairs Bologna Italy, Acrylics On Canvas, 20 x 40 x 5/8 ins
The Seine at La Grande Jatte (Seurat revisited)
The Seine at La Grande Jatte (Seurat revisited), Acrylics on paper (Pointillism)
UCG Boat, Club Galway
UCG Boat, Club Galway, Acrylics on board (Pointillism), 84cm x 55cm
Budding Beauty
Budding Beauty, Oils on Canvas Board
Ode To An Urn
Ode To An Urn, Oils on Canvas Board, 40.5cm x 30.5cm
Moving House
Moving House, Oil Pastel on paper
Student Life
Student Life, Oil Pastel on paper
Under The Stairs
Under The Stairs, Oil Pastel on paper
Little Birdie
Little Birdie, Chalk Pastel on paper
Arches, Chalk Pastel on paper
Arch and Window
Arch and Window, Chalk Pastel on paper
By The Range
By The Range, Chalk Pastel on paper
New Shoes
New Shoes, Chalk Pastel on paper
Pastel Masonry Pattern
Pastel Masonry Pattern, Chalk Pastel as Computer Generated Pattern
Print Room
Print Room, Chalk Pastel on paper
Relief Detail - Ardmore Cathedral, Waterford
Relief Detail - Ardmore Cathedral, Waterford, Chalk Pastels on paper, 37cm x 22cm
Old Ruin
Old Ruin, Chalk Pastel on paper, 17cm x 13.5cm
Autumn, Watercolours on Bockingford paper, 16cm x 13cm
Driftwood, Inks
Driftwood, Inks, Watercolours, Crayon on paper
Fossils, Inks, Watercolours
Fossils, Inks, Watercolours, Designers Gouache on paper, 40cm x 27cm
Leafy Stem
Leafy Stem, Watercolour on Bockingford paper
Seedy Red Pepper
Seedy Red Pepper, Watercolour and Pencil on paper, 20cm x 15cm
Twig Study
Twig Study, Watercolour and Ink (rapidograph) on Bockingford paper
Twig Study in Watercolour
Twig Study in Watercolour, Watercolour and a little Gouache on Bockingford paper
Cabbage, Charcoal Pencil on paper, 43cm x 39cm
China Leaves
China Leaves, Graphite Pencil 2H, H-HB on paper
Hollowed Out
Hollowed Out, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
Key To The Kingdom
Key To The Kingdom, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
Seedy Pepper Study
Seedy Pepper Study, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
Shell No.1
Shell No.1, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
Shell No. 2
Shell No. 2, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
Shell No.3
Shell No.3, Faber Castell pencils H, HB-4B on paper
A Stairwell in Limerick
A Stairwell in Limerick, Charcoal Pencil edited in Photoshop
Nasturtiums, Art Nouveau Style, Designers Gouache on paper
India Pattern
India Pattern, Designers Gouache on paper, 34cm x 30cm
Linear Scape
Linear Scape, Designers Gouache on paper, 34cm x 30cm
Black and White Abstract Wallhanging
Black and White Abstract Wallhanging, Screenprint on White Cotton Sateen, 1mtr x 1.6mtr

Orla Cahill Art (Download The Catalogue)

Orla Cahill, originally from Galway is a County Kildare based artist and designer. She works in a variety of media but mainly in acrylics and oils. Her work covers many themes and is inspired by pattern, bold colour and textural themes. Orla specialises in discovering and portraying the beauty in everyday objects. Her unique style is strongly influenced by her extensive experience in Millinery, Textile and Fashion Design. Orla is a graduate from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), a qualified Textile Designer and also a qualified Art Teacher from the Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD - LIT). Orla holds more recent degrees from Dublin City University (DCU): a BSc in Multimedia and an MSc in Ecommerce Business Management.