Promilla Luthra Shaw,  India and Dublin

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Spring Time
Spring Time, Mixed media, 80 x 60 cms
Glowing Nature
Glowing Nature, Mixed media, 80 x 60 cms
Cosmic Night Glory
Cosmic Night Glory, Mixed media, 26 x 20 cms
In the Sea
In the Sea, mixed media, 26 x 20cms
Vibrant Nature 1
Vibrant Nature 1, mixed media, 100 x 100 cms
Vibrant Nature 2
Vibrant Nature 2, mixed media, 120 x 100 cms
Playing In the Beach
Playing In the Beach, soft pastel, 28 x 38 cms
My Garden
My Garden, mixed media, 40 x 40 cms
Cloudy day
Cloudy day, mixed media, 20 x 26 cms
Movement, mixed media, 50 x 40 cms
Wintry Day
Wintry Day, mixed media, 26 x 20 cms
Lighthouse, mixed media, 90 x 40 cms
Reflection, mixed media, 90 x 60 cms with frame

Promilla Luthra Shaw Art (Download The Catalogue)

To me, the sound of wind, the movement of the leaves in spring and the transiting of leaves from green to blasting red in autumn, creates an atmosphere of music. My paintings include sunshine on stones, grass and water,and the beauty of the moonlight is projected onto the canvas with different shades of green, blue, red and umber. I use a range of textures by applying dark and soft shades, using oils, acrylic, gels and sand etc.

My pastel work has a different tune and scale. It is more subtle, soft, calm and has a mystery of life. Sometimes human figures are intermingled with nature and then presented through various panels and through glass windows. The onlooker feels merging into the story