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Roberto Edmanson-Harrison - Galway and Isle of Man

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Hills of Connemara - West of Ireland
'Hills of Connemara - West of Ireland', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Hookers on Galway Bay
'Hookers on Galway Bay', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Old Clifden line
'Old Clifden line', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
'CREATOR', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Docking Station
'Docking Station', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
River of Molten Rock
'River of Molten Rock', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Fire and Ice
'Fire and Ice', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Vase of Roses
'Vase of Roses', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Lovers on a beach
'Lovers on a beach', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Reflection in a Pond
'Reflection in a Pond', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Moonlight Glow
'Moonlight Glow', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison
Setting Sun
'Setting Sun', artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison

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Galway and Isle of Man Artist Roberto Edmanson-Harrison

Master of Arts in Art and Design, Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Counselling, Associate in Art History. Originally a Fine Art style painter, with influences such as Caravaggo, Rembrandt and other masters of the period. In 1990, he switched his style completely, as a result of failing eyesight due to the years of constant fine detail and intricacy used in his earlier style of Fine Art. Today his work has a much looser feel to it and his newer style has been influenced by impressionists such as Monet, Gauguin and of course his favourite artist - Van Gogh. As well as being a talented Painter, Designer and Photographer. He is also an accomplished Sculptor In Wood, Stone and alternative media. He is a member of Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists, along with being a member of VAGA and ICA in the UK and indeed the American Artist Guild in the States. Rob has had numerous successful exhibitions in Ireland, England and United States. He has also contributed to joint and Group exhibitions elsewhere around Europe. His works are in the homes of many private collectors the most notable owners of his works being the Ex-President of Ireland, her Excellency the Honourable Mrs. Mary Robinson. Education and Experience: In 1994, Rob completed an Associate degree in Art History, which was followed in 2000 by a Bachelors degree in Holistic Counselling and finally a MA in Art and Design in 2009. In 1999, he and his wife Sheila moved to the Isle of Man, where he commenced a new career path in Finance. He has spent the last ten years developing his knowledge of business, within the Island's Finance and local Government Sectors.



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