Sean Lorinyenko,  Donegal

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Viewing The Pier Donegal Town
Viewing The Pier Donegal Town, Watercolours, 11 x 15 inches
Downings Beach Sunset
Downings Beach Sunset, Watercolours, 16 x 20 inches
North Atlantic Sunset
North Atlantic Sunset, Watercolours, 11 x 15 inches
Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool, Watercolours, 15 x 11 inches
Stormy Seas
Stormy Seas, Watercolours, 300 x 300 mm
Couple View the Currach from Downings
Couple View the Currach from Downings, Watercolours, 14 x 11 ins
Blend Gallery Lake View
Blend Gallery Lake View, Watercolours, 11 x 14 ins
Pathway to The Bluestacks
Pathway to The Bluestacks, Watercolours, 11 x 14 ins
River Eske Mill House
River Eske Mill House, Watercolours, 24 x 24 ins
Sunflower, Oils, 11 x 14 ins
The Red Flowering Plant
The Red Flowering Plant, Oils, 11 x 14 ins
Race at Downings
Race at Downings, Watercolours, 28 x 22 ins
Bridge to the Future
Bridge to the Future, Watercolours, 11 x 14 ins
Atlantic Sunset
Atlantic Sunset, Oils, 600 x 350 mm
Walk on the Beach
Walk on the Beach, Oils, 400 x 400 mm
Palladian Arches
Palladian Arches, Oils, 350 x 400 mm
Downings, Watercolours, 450 x 450 mm
Mill Buildings
Mill Buildings, Watercolours, 325 x 400 mm
Bay of Blue
Bay of Blue, Oils, 350 x 300 mm
Coastal Sunset
Coastal Sunset, Watercolours, 400 x 430 mm
Donegal Pier
Donegal Pier, Watercolours, 300 x 425 mm
Glenveagh Castle
Glenveagh Castle, Watercolours, 400 x 550 mm
Lake Reflections
Lake Reflections, Oils, 325 x 375 mm
Coastal Vision
Coastal Vision, Watercolours, 300 x 300 mm
Peace Bridge
Peace Bridge, Watercolours, 300 x 350 mm

Sean Lorinyenko Art (Download The Catalogue)

Sean is a native of Donegal. He graduated from Oxford Brookes University with the RIBA Diploma in Architecture and was awarded with commendation in Cultural Context of architectural design. His interest in painting and drawing buildings evolved over time to include landscapes and life studies. Sean works as an artist while still managing a career in architecture. Art and architecture have always been closely linked and in Sean's work each discipline informs the other in a striking balance of rigour and expression. Over the past 12 years he has travelled extensively throughout Europe and has acquired an enormous knowledge of their Art and Architecture.