Tomasz Grzesik,  Poland and Dublin

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Cross Fires, wood, plastic
Cross Fires, wood, plastic, metal, 130 x 110cm
Brocken Sound, woo, plastic, metal
Brocken Sound, woo, plastic, metal, paper, 90 x 110cm
Mushroom String Grass, wood
Mushroom String Grass, wood, metal, 35 x 40cm
KeyBone, wood
KeyBone, wood, metal, 35 x 50cm
Bursting Web, wood, plastic
Bursting Web, wood, plastic, metal, 75 x 55cm
Living Machine
Living Machine, mixed media, 60 x 65 x 155cm

Tomasz Grzesik Art (Download The Catalogue)

Polish artist/musician based in Dublin, Clonsilla.
I work mostly with wood and recycling materials.

My other activities: