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Art 'Joseph Plunkett (Seven Signatories Series)'
'Joseph Plunkett (Seven Signatories Series)', Giclee Print from original painting, 29.5 x 42 cm | Eoghain Phelan
Art 'Eamonn Ceannt (Seven Signatories Series)'
'Eamonn Ceannt (Seven Signatories Series)', Giclee print from original painting, 29.5 x 42 cm | Eoghain Phelan

Eoghain Phelan

1916 Irish Rebellion, portraits of the 7 signatories of the proclamation....
Art 'Gardener's Rest'
'Gardener's Rest', Oils, 12 x 12 ins | Diane Howe
Art 'Showjumper'
'Showjumper', Oils, 24 x 24 ins | Diane Howe

Diane Howe

I love the challenge of making someone else's dreams come true in a painting. For this reason I also do fantasy work where you can be featured in a completely m...
Art 'Reasons To Be Cheerful'
'Reasons To Be Cheerful', Oil, 46 x 61 cm | Tony Oakey
Art 'Kokoromochi'
'Kokoromochi', Oil, 50 x 50 cm | Tony Oakey

Tony Oakey

Tony Oakey was born in 1959 and lives in Piltown, Co. Kilkenny. He started painting in 1990 and had his first sell-out show in Kilkenny Arts Festival...
Art 'Jack Skellington Pisshead'
'Jack Skellington Pisshead', Aluminium cans and mixed media, 10 ins approx | Rob Crane
Art 'Cookie Pisshead'
'Cookie Pisshead', Aluminium beer can and mixed media, 6.5 ins approx | Rob Crane

Rob Crane

The Pisshead (Beer Can) Collection, Rob Crane is a Irish Artist who enjoys painting, drawing, photography, working with ceramic and creating streetart...
Art 'Number 10'
'Number 10', Porcelain, not given | Neidin Rodgers
Art 'Magdalene baby'
'Magdalene baby', Porcelain, not given | Neidin Rodgers

Neidin Rodgers

Neidin hopes to tell the stories of the women and children who where kept at these mother and baby homes by talking to some women and children who have told her...
Art 'Micky and Galileo'
'Micky and Galileo', Graphite pencils and charcoal, A3 (16.5 x 11.7 in) | Mihaela Bosnegeanu
Art 'Liath'
'Liath', Mixed media on grey tinted pastel paper, A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in) | Mihaela Bosnegeanu

Mihaela Bosnegeanu

Over the years I have used pencil and charcoal as my media of choice and high realism has been my favourite style, but I have recently begun experimenting with ...
Art 'Wisdom Of The Heart'
'Wisdom Of The Heart', Watercolour on paper, 23 x 30 cm | Dermot McCarthy
Art 'Music Magic'
'Music Magic', Watercolour on watercolour paper, 23 x 30 cm | Dermot McCarthy

Dermot McCarthy

Initially I painted the beautiful landscape that is Killarney. Then one day I drew a man with his donkey and cart at a crossroads which in turn became my own cr...
Art 'Muckross Lake'
'Muckross Lake', Oil on board, 14 x 21 ins | Olivia O'Carra
Art 'Killarney Upper Lake October'
'Killarney Upper Lake October', Oils on board, 14 x 21 ins | Olivia O'Carra

Olivia O'Carra

I paint in a traditional manner building up in layers starting with fairly thin paint but gradually adding thicker paint in an impasto fashion with knives, fing...
Art 'Titanic Mural, East Belfast'
'Titanic Mural, East Belfast', Fountain Pen, 21 x 30 cm | Nigel McAuley
Art 'The Black Arch, Larne'
'The Black Arch, Larne', Pencil, 21 x 30 cm | Nigel McAuley

Nigel McAuley

the inspiration of the beautiful buildings and landmarks of the Antrim coastline that inspired Nigel to begin sketching again....
Art 'Making Memories'
'Making Memories', oil on panel, 10 x 12 ins | Annemarie Bourke
Art 'Perpetual Motion'
'Perpetual Motion', Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60 ins | Annemarie Bourke

Annemarie Bourke

Landscapes, still life, flowers, figures,seascapes, to me it doesn't matter what the subject is, it is all about the light. I spend a lot of time painting en-p...
Art 'Rush of Blood'
'Rush of Blood', Mixed Media on Board, 120 x 90 cm | Zita McGarry
Art 'Struggle'
'Struggle', Oil on Board, 45 x 45 cm | Zita McGarry

Zita McGarry

I create a dense and richly textured surface by manipulating materials (polyfiller/gel) through etching, carving and lively brushwork. These elements combine wi...
'WHISPERS', acrylic on canvas, 16 x 12 inches | Shay Cunningham
'DETERMINATION', acrylic on paper, 16.5 x 12 inches | Shay Cunningham

Shay Cunningham

Shay employs runic symbols, elements of sculpture, graffiti, typography, stained glass and graphics to throw light on his words and his world of symbols, colour...