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Art 'The Dude'
'The Dude', Prismacolor pencils, A3 | Philip Cotter
Art 'Our Lady of Los Angeles'
'Our Lady of Los Angeles', Prismacolor pencils, A3 | Philip Cotter

Philip Cotter

Working in a wide range on Mediums including Water colour, Pen and Ink, ProMarkers, Graphite, Charcoal and most recently, Prismacolor pencils. Horror Movies, Ta...
Art 'Winter Dalkey Quarry 4'
'Winter Dalkey Quarry 4', Acrylic on board, 30 x 40 cm | Gaby Browett
Art 'Self Portrait'
'Self Portrait', Acrylic on board, 46 x 34cm | Gaby Browett

Gaby Browett

Dalkey Quarry, her work which is both figurative and abstract contains texture which she achieves by priming her boards with a mixture of gesso and plaster....
Art 'Hands'
'Hands', Pastel, 14 x 10 ins | Deborah Reidy
Art 'Portrait'
'Portrait', Pastel, 12 x 16 ins | Deborah Reidy

Deborah Reidy

Portraits, pastels, Deborah studied art in Waterford Institute of Technology and graduated in 2007. She has exhibited both abstract and figurative work througho...
Art 'Summer Lilies II, textile-discharge dyeing'
'Summer Lilies II, textile-discharge dyeing', embroidery, 60 x 56 cm | Deborah J Stockdale
Art 'Topography, Textile-resist areas and over-painting'
'Topography, Textile-resist areas and over-painting', embroidered, 52 x 59 cm | Deborah J Stockdale

Deborah J Stockdale

The techniques in this new work include removing areas of colour from commercial batik fabrics, and using the remaining areas as design focus....
Art 'Indian Summer'
'Indian Summer', Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 30 cm | Cian O'Conchuir
Art 'Insatiable'
'Insatiable', Acrylic on Canvas, 101 x 76 cm | Cian O'Conchuir

Cian O'Conchuir

well-known for its abstract and modern style, adorned with vibrant, textured colours. Knowing no limitations, Cian likes to diversify his work, making no one pi...
Art 'When The Last Tree Is Cut'
'When The Last Tree Is Cut', Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 70 cm | Alan Wells
Art 'The Lake'
'The Lake', Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 70 cm | Alan Wells

Alan Wells

Today I work mostly in acrylics on canvas painting local views, landmarks, animal and human portraits. I also do some illustration work and I paint interior mur...
Art 'Galway Girl'
'Galway Girl', oil on box canvas, 12 x 16 ins | Therese Whelan Tierney
Art 'Box Man'
'Box Man', oil on box canvas, 60 x 45 cm | Therese Whelan Tierney

Therese Whelan Tierney

I might begin with taking photographs and doing some preliminary sketches, when ready I'll begin painting starting with light glazes building up until I see the...
Art 'Transition (Land Escape 17)'
'Transition (Land Escape 17)', acrylic on canvas, 36 x 46 cm | Philip McEvoy
Art 'Land Escape 14'
'Land Escape 14', acrylic on board, 21 x 30 cm | Philip McEvoy

Philip McEvoy

Humans can become isolated, physically or psychologically, in a rural or urban environment, and I have reflected this in some of my past work. Most recently I h...
Art 'Swimming In Universe'
'Swimming In Universe', oil on canvas, 66 x 76 cm | Paul D'Arcy
Art 'Portrait of Actor Barry Cassin'
'Portrait of Actor Barry Cassin', oil on canvas, 102 x 77 cm | Paul D'Arcy

Paul D'Arcy

began a diploma course in Fine Art at Dun Laoghaire College, whose tutors included the renowned Nick Miller. He has been painting full time since 1992 and enjoy...
Art 'Leyland'
'Leyland', Oil on Board, na | Olive Farrell
Art 'Evening Milk'
'Evening Milk', Oil on Canvas, na | Olive Farrell

Olive Farrell

Passion for painting drives me, buttery Oils, Ahh the pleasure, the Zen, yes Zen world of endless creativity, like being a child again! Time endless Time....
Art 'Redemption'
'Redemption', oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm | Tony O'Connor
Art 'Ace of Diamonds'
'Ace of Diamonds', oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cm | Tony O'Connor

Tony O'Connor

Specialising in equine art, with the odd delve into the realm of bovine from time to time, I left the day job almost two years ago to become an artist...
Art 'Cottage by Forest'
'Cottage by Forest', watercolour, 12 x 16 ins | Philip French
Art 'Sheep by White Flowers'
'Sheep by White Flowers', Watercolour, 16 x 20 ins | Philip French

Philip French

completed his BA Hons in Fine Art at Birmingham University 1975/1978 after that he was accepted at The Royal College of Art to do a M.A (RCA) in Fine Art Painti...