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Art '100 Years On'
'100 Years On', Acrylics, 100 x 80 cm | Carl Taylor
Art 'Corrosion'
'Corrosion', Acrylics, 50 x 40 cm | Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor

Carl Taylor is a contemporary painter from Derry, N. Ireland. He has recently completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine and Applied Art. His most recent wor...
Art 'Portrait of Chelsea (A Little Ray Of Sunshine)'
'Portrait of Chelsea (A Little Ray Of Sunshine)', Oil on box canvas, 75 x 50 cm | Ashling Bell
Art 'Portrait of Sophia (Emerald Jewels)'
'Portrait of Sophia (Emerald Jewels)', Oil on box canvas, 75 x 50 cm | Ashling Bell

Ashling Bell

I have always had an artistic flair, from designing knitwear patterns to interior design. My inspiration comes from my everyday surroundings. Love painting with...
Art 'First Autumn Leaves'
'First Autumn Leaves', Oil on Canvas, 20 x 16 ins | Angelika Sowul
Art 'Chernobyl'
'Chernobyl', Lino Block Ink Acrylic Paint, 18 x 14 ins | Angelika Sowul

Angelika Sowul

I am a photographer, painter and I love drawing portraits. Scrap-booking, decoupage and crochet are also my hobbies. In my artwork you can find people, nature, ...
Art 'Loneliness Entertainer'
'Loneliness Entertainer', acrylic, 100 x 100 cm | Walid Ayed
Art 'Into The Wild'
'Into The Wild', acrylic, 100 x 100 cm | Walid Ayed

Walid Ayed

Walid was born in Beirut/Lebanon and lived there until he finished his college education. In 1994 he began his travels in the Middle East and Europe w...
Art 'Lotus Eater III'
'Lotus Eater III', oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms | Rae Perry
Art 'Lotus Eater II'
'Lotus Eater II', oil on panel, 50 x 70 cms | Rae Perry

Rae Perry

Figurative work including portraits and nudes. Still life. I spent two years in Florence, Italy where I completed the drawing program at the Angel A...
Art 'Kia and Holly's Portrait, Acrylic'
'Kia and Holly's Portrait, Acrylic', Oils, 17 x 21 inches | Rachelle O'Regan
Art 'Doogle's Portrait'
'Doogle's Portrait', Acrylic painting, 15 x 19 inch | Rachelle O'Regan

Rachelle O'Regan

My background is in Illustration and design. My speciality is in pet portraiture, combining my passion for painting and my love for animals....
Art 'Spring Time'
'Spring Time', Mixed media, 80 x 60 cms | Promilla Luthra Shaw
Art 'Glowing Nature'
'Glowing Nature', Mixed media, 80 x 60 cms | Promilla Luthra Shaw

Promilla Luthra Shaw

My paintings include sunshine on stones, grass and water,and the beauty of the moonlight is projected onto the canvas with different shades of green, blue, red ...
Art 'Lookin' At You'
'Lookin' At You', oil, 25 x 20 cm | Micasso
Art 'Higgins'
'Higgins', oil, 30 x 25 cm | Micasso


a semi-retired farmer living in Kildare. He has only taken up painting in his latter years. We all need and like a challenge and painting is certainly a challe...
Art 'Surge'
'Surge', Acrylic on Canvas, 48 x 48 ins | Louise Newman
Art 'On the Rocks 1'
'On the Rocks 1', Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 ins | Louise Newman

Louise Newman

Her long and very personal relationship with the West Coast of Ireland has resulted in this series of works. Through residencies at The Cill Rialaig Project in ...
Art 'Old Boots'
'Old Boots', Graphite and pastel, A3 | Libby Thompson
Art 'Just a Rose'
'Just a Rose', Pastel, A3 | Libby Thompson

Libby Thompson

Portraiture is my main passion and I take commissions for portraits of both animals and people. I normally work in Oil or Pastel but obviously am able to offer ...
Art 'Addergoole and Nephin'
'Addergoole and Nephin', Oil on Canvas, 20 x 30 ins | Kieran McElhinney
Art 'St Annes Park, View From The Big House'
'St Annes Park, View From The Big House', Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Kieran McElhinney

Kieran McElhinney

This is a collection of our Birds of Prey. Some were extinct but have been reintroduced and the future is looking bright for these birds which are part of our h...
Art 'Night Bridge'
'Night Bridge', oil, 48 x 42 cms | Kate Rocks
Art 'Watchers in The Woods'
'Watchers in The Woods', oil, 50 x 50 cms | Kate Rocks

Kate Rocks

I paint mainly in oils. I am inspired daily, by everything around me. My paintings are also inspired by the beauty of the North coast, and the scenery around my...