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Art 'Self Portrait, Wood, Glass'
'Self Portrait, Wood, Glass', paper, 35 x 48 cm | Tomasz Grzesik
Art 'The Bossom of Nature'
'The Bossom of Nature', Dry plant's part's, 32 x 44 x 5 cm | Tomasz Grzesik

Tomasz Grzesik

Alumnus of Gastronomy High School, Bachelor degree of Philosophy, University of Rzeszow, Poland, Masters of Arts: Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, Spec: Phi...
Art 'Blarney Castle'
'Blarney Castle', Pen and Watercolour, 30 X 22 cms | Raymund Walsh
Art 'Castletown House'
'Castletown House', Pen and Watercolour, 35 X 25 cms | Raymund Walsh
Art 'Red With Attitude'
'Red With Attitude', Oil n Canvas, 16 x 12 ins | Pauline Sharp
Art 'Gortfree Hero'
'Gortfree Hero', oil on canvas, 20 x 24 ins | Pauline Sharp

Pauline Sharp

I consider myself a self-learning artist, driven by the satisfaction derived from capturing the character/nobility and those 'little' moments in the l...
Art 'Hazel'
'Hazel', Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 ins | Nuala Higgins
Art 'Connemara Cottage'
'Connemara Cottage', Acrylic and oil on board, 16 x 12 ins | Nuala Higgins

Nuala Higgins

At the moment I am working in acrylic and from time to time oils. My favourite subject in landscape, have also worked on portraits and still life but not as muc...
Art 'Dalkey Steam Train'
'Dalkey Steam Train', Acrylic, 14 x 10 ins | Michael Monaghan
Art 'The Jealous Wall, Co. Westmeath'
'The Jealous Wall, Co. Westmeath', Acrylic, 20 x 16 ins | Michael Monaghan

Michael Monaghan

Michael Monaghan was born in Dublin and began painting at an early age. For more than 25 years he has developed his present style in the medium of acrylic...
Art 'The Road to Kylemore Abbey'
'The Road to Kylemore Abbey', Oil, 40 x 60 cms | Lorraine Fenlon
Art 'The Old Chimneys'
'The Old Chimneys', Oil, 20 x 20 cms | Lorraine Fenlon

Lorraine Fenlon

Her work is a mixture of representative and abstracts concentrating on strong colours and the use of light to create an energy to each piece. She also experimen...
Art 'St. Patrick'
'St. Patrick', Dr. Martin's Inks, 6 1/2 x 8 ins | John Nasky
Art ''A''
''A'', Dr. Martin's Inks, 6 1/2 x 8 ins | John Nasky

John Nasky

John studied art at The Art Institute in Pittsburgh, and went on to become a commercial artist for 35 years. Celtic art was a hobby at that time, and his love o...
Art 'Two Minutes to Kent Station'
'Two Minutes to Kent Station', Acrylic 0n board., 99 X 83 cm | Jo and Sue Keys
Art 'Entering Glanmire Cork. Sundown'
'Entering Glanmire Cork. Sundown', Acrylic on Board., 18 X 14 ins | Jo and Sue Keys

Jo and Sue Keys

Both students at the Slade School of art. U.C.L. Josef awarded the Robert Ross leaving scholarship. Works in public and private collections world wide...
Art 'just cats 1'
'just cats 1', charcoal on paper, A3 | Heidi Wickham
Art 'just cats 2'
'just cats 2', charcoal on paper, A3 | Heidi Wickham

Heidi Wickham

BA(Hons) FA, I work mainly in charcoals, animals and figurative subjectscommissions welcome.......
Art 'Colony 3'
'Colony 3', etching/aquatint, 70 x 50cm | Gavin Porter
Art 'neon meate dreams'
'neon meate dreams', etching, 50 x 35cm | Gavin Porter

Gavin Porter

His practice consists mainly of drawing and etching as well as sound and installation work......
Art 'Focused'
'Focused', Graphite, 12 x 15 cms | Derek McAfee
Art 'Untitled as yet'
'Untitled as yet', Graphite, 15 x 21 cms | Derek McAfee

Derek McAfee

I have become interested in detail and texture recently and try to concentrate on what people may look at but don't see....
Art 'Twin Elephants'
'Twin Elephants', Oil on Canvas, 16 x 14 ins | Ciara Curtin
Art 'Elephant Graveyard'
'Elephant Graveyard', Oil on Canvas, 20 x 30 ins | Ciara Curtin

Ciara Curtin

I hope to continue my journey in the world of art, creating, expressing, learning and also enjoying the works of fellow artists and finally by being inspired by...