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Art 'Joey Dunlop'
'Joey Dunlop', Line and Wash, A5 | Anne D'Alton
Art 'Graham Hill F1 World Champion'
'Graham Hill F1 World Champion', Oil, 28 x 32cm | Anne D'Alton

Anne D'Alton

My commissioned work was mainly corporate though I also did someprivate art works. Initially I concentrated on still-life and illustrating various buildings.......
Art 'Bony Fish'
'Bony Fish', Steel, H-46cm x W-42cm | Tomas Kuodis
Art 'Unicycle'
'Unicycle', Steel, H-48cm x W-19cm | Tomas Kuodis

Tomas Kuodis

I'm making steel sculptures with the twist. I started to make them about 5 years ago, I have huge experience in welding and working with steel so I decided to c...
Art 'Accordian Session'
'Accordian Session', Mixed Media on Board, 48 x 35 ins | Stephen Bennett
Art 'Paddy O'Rourke'
'Paddy O'Rourke', Mixed Media on Board, 21 x 15 ins | Stephen Bennett

Stephen Bennett

After all these years in Ardara my inspiration still comes from the people and landscape around me. Their fascination for me has always endured and I hope that ...
Art 'Flutter'
'Flutter', Acrylics and Inks on Canvas, 65 x 90cm | Mark Duffy
Art 'Honor'
'Honor', Pencils and Charcoal on Paper, A2 | Mark Duffy

Mark Duffy

Working mainly with acrylics, pencils and inks, he enjoys trying and combining different mediums to serve the overall artistry of the piece.......
Art 'Bulls'
'Bulls', Hammerite on pearwood, 12 x 12 ins | Kenneth McEvoy
Art 'Cat watching Bird'
'Cat watching Bird', Hammerite on canvas, 18 x 18 ins | Kenneth McEvoy

Kenneth McEvoy

I prepare canvas or paper in a special way this allows me to paint with hammerite paints. I use wooden sticks which I shape to work the paint. This sy...
Art 'Summer Flowers'
'Summer Flowers', Acrylic On Canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Ken Jones
Art 'Sunset'
'Sunset', Acrylic On Canvas, 30 x 40 ins | Ken Jones

Ken Jones

Ken takes inspiration from many different things. It could be a colour combination, an element from a previous work, a random thought/design which suddenly appe...
Art 'Paddy McCanns, Legmoylin, Co Armagh'
'Paddy McCanns, Legmoylin, Co Armagh', Oil on stretched canvas, 46 x 70 cm | Joe Ryder
Art 'Moos Aloud'
'Moos Aloud', Oil on stretched canvas, 40 x 40 cm | Joe Ryder

Joe Ryder

Ideas for paintings come from observing local surroundings and listening to local characters.Enjoy painting traditional country topics and scenes especially one...
Art 'Robin With Apple Blossom'
'Robin With Apple Blossom', pastel, 18 x 16 ins | Gemma Best
Art 'Charlie'
'Charlie', pastel, 12 x 10 ins | Gemma Best

Gemma Best

a wildlife artist living in Castletreasure Cork and is surrounded by fields,streams and plenty of wildlife. Gemma always had a passion for animals,nature and pa...
Art 'Pear and Plums'
'Pear and Plums', Oils, 9 x 9 ins | Brian Walsh
Art 'Take Me Home'
'Take Me Home', Oils, 9 x 9 ins | Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

I have always drawn and sketched. I like to show the contrast of light and shadow in my work and findcharcoal and chalk to be the perfect medium to convey this....
Art 'Nude No. 1'
'Nude No. 1', Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 53.5 x 46.5 Centimetres Framed | Val McLoughlin
Art 'Nude Lying'
'Nude Lying', Charcoal and Graphite on Paper, 42 x 57 Centimetres Unframed | Val McLoughlin

Val McLoughlin

Val McLoughlin, born in Ballina, Co. Mayo studied art in Cork and has lived in both Cork and Kerry and is now once again in Ballina. Works in watercol...
Art 'Burmese'
'Burmese', Watercolour, 8 x 10 inches | Ruth Brady
Art 'Buster Sleeping'
'Buster Sleeping', Pencil on Bristol board, A4 (297 x 210 mm) | Ruth Brady

Ruth Brady

Since I could hold a crayon I've loved to draw pictures and make things. I still love it! Art (and craft) in all forms fascinates me and I like nothin......
Art '6th January 2016'
'6th January 2016', acrylic and oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm | Geraldine Folan
Art '17th August 2016'
'17th August 2016', Acrylic and oil on canvas, 46 x 61 cm | Geraldine Folan

Geraldine Folan

Geraldine Folan is a full time artist working from her own studio based in the village of Bearna on the outskirts of Galway city...