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Art 'Beauty in the unexpected'
'Beauty in the unexpected', Watercolour, 29 x 21 cm | Bethany Rogers
Art 'Victoria'
'Victoria', Watercolour, 21 x 14 cm | Bethany Rogers

Bethany Rogers

I like to constantly push the boundaries in my paintings so you should always experience something unique and exciting in my work.......
Art 'Spring Tree'
'Spring Tree', Oil on Board, 24 x 30 inches | Seamus Kelly
Art 'Sanctuary cat'
'Sanctuary cat', Oil on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches | Seamus Kelly

Seamus Kelly

Sligo based artist - Every object deserves its portrait. Dogs, cats, Trees and stone all have their moment depending on the day, light and time......
Art ''73'
''73', Oil on canvas, 105 x 74 | Yavan
Art 'Ab 9'
'Ab 9', Oil on canvas, 70 x 100 | Yavan


From a very early age Klm Yavan has been inspired by forms and colours, and dabbled in many forms of expressing his art which stems from this interest...
Art 'NY 1'
'NY 1', Acrylic on canvas, 800 x 600mm | Robbie Thornton
Art 'NY 2'
'NY 2', Acrylic on board, 400 x 500mm | Robbie Thornton

Robbie Thornton

Robert Paul Thornton or Rob Thornton, From south county Dublin. Painting acryllic on canvas at the moment. I like photo realism and pop art styles. I...
Art 'Crying eye's'
'Crying eye's', Watercolour pencils, A4 | Justine Kearney
Art 'Looking out'
'Looking out', Sketching pencils, A4 | Justine Kearney

Justine Kearney

Justine Kearney enjoys sketching and drawing and would like to develop her artist talents...
Art 'KARNAK With Trainer Homer Scott'
'KARNAK With Trainer Homer Scott', Acrylics, 39 1/2 X 30 ins | Joseph Behan
Art 'Donkeys Mourne Mountains'
'Donkeys Mourne Mountains', Acrylics, 39 1/2 X 30 ins | Joseph Behan

Joseph Behan

I work from photographs and particularly enjoy painting and drawing animals. The works you see here are previous commissions....
Art 'Life Energy 1'
'Life Energy 1', Charcoal, 22 x 22cm | Jack Cornhouse
Art 'Life Energy 2'
'Life Energy 2', Charcoal, 28 x 28cm | Jack Cornhouse

Jack Cornhouse

I have a BTEC Higher National Certificate in Fine Art at Kensington and Chelsea College in London. I enjoy the challenge of drawing the human form, on...
Art 'Weight - Part 2'
'Weight - Part 2', Colored Pencil, 60 x 80 cm | Glenn Keelan
Art 'Weight - Part 1'
'Weight - Part 1', Colored Pencil, 60 x 80 cm | Glenn Keelan

Glenn Keelan

I am intrigued by the human condition with all its imperfections and fragility; this is what motivates me to create my works which I intend to depict ......
Art 'Rowing Home'
'Rowing Home', Oils, 10x12cm | Gerard Hegarty
Art 'Waiting for the fish'
'Waiting for the fish', Oils, 3 ft x 2 ft. | Gerard Hegarty

Gerard Hegarty

Studied Art at The College of Art and Design, obtained his Art Teachers Certificates, has taught Art for many years including at St. Joseph of Cluny S...
Art 'Bucharest - The Dream'
'Bucharest - The Dream', Lightbox with photos and paint, 21cm29cm10cm | Fifi Smith
Art 'Women and War'
'Women and War', Lightbox xray print and pen, 21cm29cm10cm | Fifi Smith

Fifi Smith

room sized installations, using kinetic machines, and projections. She also uses bronze, steel, copper, wood, ceramics and mixed media. Aesthetics, co...
Art 'the fruit bowl'
'the fruit bowl', oil on canvas, 32 x 39ins | William Gilchrist
Art 'feb 14'
'feb 14', oil on canvas, 14 x 14ins | William Gilchrist

William Gilchrist

William Gilchrist is a fine artist based in county Clare, Ireland...
Art 'Lock Up Your Childhood'
'Lock Up Your Childhood', Gouache, A4 | Nanette O'Neill
Art 'Never Clean (The filth wont wash away ever. It's written all over me.)'
'Never Clean (The filth wont wash away ever. It's written all over me.)', Gouache, A5 | Nanette O'Neill

Nanette O'Neill

A gallery containing gothic images, stylish design, unusual equine skeleton art and fanciful images of mythical creatures from this young Dublin artis...